2.1 Wall Breaker Cycle!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is the latest challenge from my impossible challenge series! This time I set the challenge to win a grand challenge using the goblin cage and the wall breakers inside a 2.1 elixir cycle deck. They are two of the worst cards in my opinion however one hive hunter was the guy to beat the odds and win $850! If you don’t like my blabbing in the video then stick me on mute and watch the decision making that OneHiveHunter makes throughout the video on both defence and offence! Every single elixir is important when using this deck so try not to leak elixir and use your one elixir cards to help support your towers on defence while also allowing you to quickly cycle to the cards you need for offence. If you fancy trying to beat my next impossible challenge follow my twitter page @CWA!

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Miner is probably the most important unit in this deck. Make sure you switch up his placement throughout the match to make it harder for your opponent to predict where he’s going to land. Use him to tank for your wall breakers and bats on offence. Playing him slightly behind their tower will kite back their melee units increasing the chances of your cycle units connecting to their tower.

Wall Breakers

You can see from the video these guys are extremely fragile which is why you need to know the opponents counters are out of cycle before placing these guys. If you get them to connect you get around 1000HP off the opponents tower along with death damage. Use them to pressure your opponent along with the miner and heal in the right situation.

Goblin Cage

Use the goblin cage to kite their units into the centre of the arena, protect and support the goblin brawler with bats and skeletons to keep him alive for your counter push.

Early Stage Gameplan

You’ll be looking to gain a tower damage lead during single elixir because most of your opponents will be running a more expensive deck. It’s also important with those kind of high skill decks to know what your opponent is playing and what cards they have in cycle so you can punish them when they don’t have a good counter in cycle.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you still need to play aggressively even if you’ve taken a tower already. Keep applying pressure with the miner and wallbreaker combo while using your other units on defence. Heal can help your miner stay alive for longer while getting more tower DPS. This is by no means an easy deck to play, it’s high skill and even if you get a few wins in a GC with this deck you’re definitely a good player!

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