Royal Hogs Decks!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Razzer is finally back on my channel sharing this incredibly defensive yet strong royal hogs deck! Ice wizard tornado is such a powerful defensive combo especially against heavy beat down decks and also royal giant. With this deck try to focus on defending and building up an elixir advantage, pressure your opponent once you have the elixir lead and their counters are out of cycle. Against lava hound decks you should pressure opposite lane with the royal hogs when they play their hound. This will prevent them from spending all their elixir offensively. The same principle applies against golem decks too but you can use your cage to kite their golem or even giant while using your ice wizard and other units defensively. Against seige decks your main defence will be the canon cart, try to play same lane and counter push once you’ve taken care of their xbow or mortar. If the opponent has hog rider always try to activate your king tower, it’s important to play passively against these decks and punish your opponent when you get a good opportunity. If the opponent has graveyard try to stop their tank at the bridge however if you can’t do this you have ice wizard or canon cart to help defend the skeletons and also barb barrel if they start to build up to much.

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Always try to use this card to activate your king tower against decks like, hog rider, bridge spam, balloon, royal hogs and graveyard. Activating against seige decks or royal giant decks won’t do much so pair your Tornado with ice wizard on defence. This card can also be used against three musketeers to pull them into the same lane then you can use your fireball for a two elixir positive trade.

Royal Hogs

Hogs are your main win condition. Try to never split these cards unless your opponent has mega knight or executioner. Use them when you have an elixir advantage or on a counter push. You can also pressure opposite lane if the opponent plays a heavy tank unit in the back. Also try to bait out your opponents fireball if they’re running it before pressuring with this card.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best starting plays with his deck are barb barrel at the bridge or mega minion in the back. You can also play goblin cage in the centre too. I recommend waiting 10-15 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first move. Remember always play patiently and passively, react to what your opponent is doing and only punish if you get a good opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should be aware what deck your opponent is playing. You can spell cycle once their towers are around 600HP to end the match. If you’re struggling onto break through their defence try to build up a big counter push or play a canon cart on the opposite side of the arena but in the centre then you can play the hogs behind the canon cart to pressure opposite lane. Check out the video to see live grand challenge game play from Razzer!

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