New Meta Bait Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today have maximus on my channel sharing replays of him playing top ladder using this new style bait deck! We have rascals, bandit and canon cart to use for ground defence and we have poison which is a great counter to a variety of units inside the game especially with Graveyard use rates increasing every single day! If the opponent is running minion horde try to always have either princess of poison in cycle to avoid been punished. Try to take all spell value you can, this deck is very defensive especially in single elixir. If the opponent plays a heavy unit in the back try to pressure opposite lane with goblin barrel and/or bandit. You might need to save poison to help counter their support units like the witches, wizards, musketeer or air units like the dragons. The canon cart and rascals will be you main defensive troops, you can support them with princess opposite lane. Use your log at the last possible second to get maximum value and also knock back unit before they connect to your tower, especially against giant, golem, royal giant and splash units too.

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Princess can offer a lot of value on defence and due to her long range you can play her opposite lane to keep her out of spell range to of the other units. If possible try to stack up princess’ (keeping them space down out) a lot of the time the opponent will loses simply because you have two or three princesses down and they either have to over commit offensively to take them out or ignore them and allow their defensive units to be stopped in their tracks.

Cannon Cart

Canon cart is definitely meta right now however if you don’t have it levelled up to play your range of ladder then you can swap it out for either dark prince or Valkyrie. This unit can also be spell bait so avoid playing it close to your towers unless you are trying to bait your opponent. This card will be important on defence against seige style decks, it can completely shut down an xbow or mortar and even allow you some counter push potential.


Bandit can be used to stop charging units like princes if you know the opponent has their log in cycle. She can dash across the river too if you get the correct tile placement. I like to use her to punish the opponent or apply pressure due to her only costing three elixir but can often demand more elixir on defence from your opponents. So you can use her witch your barrel to apply opposite lane pressure for only six elixir and if they log she will dash through the log and onto their tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with a goblin barrel in the safe spot, princess in the back or goblin gang at the bridge. This is a good way to bait out your opponents spells and see what they’re running which will allow you to punish them later game when you know they’re out of cycle. Against heavier decks like beat down try to head into double elixir with a damage lead on their towers without giving them an elixir advantage. Pressuring with the goblin barrel is a great way to force your opponent to use elixir defensively and also force them to use their small spell which means they can’t support their offensive pushes as much as they’d like too.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can spell cycle if their towers are around 600HP along with your princess at the bridge. However offence is definitely the best defence with bait decks so even if you’ve taken a tower in single elixir apply some opposite lane pressure to force them to split their elixir. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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