Mega Knight Lumberjack Hog Deck | Clash Royale Ladder Deck
DaRealLegend posted 1 year ago (updated 1 year ago)

This deck here allows you to defend against multiple deck archetypes and pairing several that perform well offensively too. The key is to use the mega knight in crowd control situations and use the remaining cards to defend and support the mega knight.

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Mega Knight

The Mega Knight is your primary tank and will be ideally used for crowd control situations


The lumberjack will defend against ground units and will support the lumberjack and can also be a tank for the musketeer, executioner or hog rider


The muskee will provide air support and will defend the lumberjack, hog and mega knight. She will play a key role.

Early Stage Gameplan

Defending is key. Use each card for it's strength in defense. Musketeer and executioner will be air defense, lumberjack and skarmy will be for ground defense and the mega knight will be for crowd control/elixir advantage situations. There are many high hp units in this deck so you have many opportunities to create counter pushes and allow the musketeer to chip at units and towers more effectively or create a hog rider push.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time focus on creating a mega knight lumberjack musketeer or executioner push while saving elixir to defend. Skarmy becomes super important in 2x time to buy you extra time to defend or to completely shut down charging or ground units/tanks

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