Mega Knight Bridge Spam! New Era!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have Walker on my channel who is currently top 50 in the world, at the time of this recording, using the mega knight bridge spam deck! People have started to swap the pekka out of their decks and replace her with the legendary mega knight, this is because he can offer a lot of value defensively due to his enter the arena ability and his tank status give you a good counter push potential. This deck also has the electro wizard and the musketeer which both synergies very well together defensively helping you defend against those annoy Balloon Cycle Deck and Lava hound decks with ease. Just ensure you space them out enough to avoid giving your opponent good spell value especially against lightening decks. You have the bandit which is a great pressure card but she can also be used to stop charging units like prince. Bridge spam decks should be played fairly aggressively however here is a little more skill required than just spamming the bridge, try to work out what’s spells your opponents are playing especially log or zap, if you can bait them out then you can pressure at the bridge to try to punish the opponent. Also if you know you have an elixir advantage you can keep applying relentless pressure especially towards the end of the match and into sudden death. Try to defend with troop cards when possible because they provide more of a counter push potential.

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Mega Knight

Mega has become so valuable in this meta due to the increased use rates of cards like barbarians, witches, wizards and also bait decks. Try to always use his enter the arena ability when ever possible by playing him on top of their offensive units. You can counter push behind the mega knight however just like pekka he is easily kited away from their towers with units like ice golem. Have you spells in cycle ready to help protect him from units like bats too.

Electro Wizard

Electro wizard is another great addition to this deck mainly due to the inferno dragon been used a lot more in this meta. He also has a enter the arena ability so take advantage of this when you can! He is your only reset unit in this deck, besides the knock back of the snowball. He’s good to use against battle rams too and also correctly placing him against a hog rider can prevent all damage!

Battle Ram

Battle ram is another unit you can use to pressure your opponent throughout the match if they play a tank in the back or they use their small spell. It can also be used to kite units like pekka, prince, ghost, Valkyrie, lumberjack, knight and so on, away from your towers and into the opposite lane!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play some light offence and see how your opponent responds to your units. You can start out the match with a bandit at the bridge, a musketeer behind your king tower or a barb barrel at the bridge. Don’t play your mega knight too much in single elixir unless your opponent clumps together a lot of their offensive troops. The reason you shouldn’t play him too much is because it can be hard to have enough elixir to support him on he counter push.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin to play a lot more aggressive and apply pressure a lot more frequently. Use your spells to support your offensive units as much as possible, make prediction plays if you know what troops they have in cycle. Check out the video to see some amazing game from Walker taking on some of the best players on ladder right now!

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