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This is part of my latest impossible challenge series and in this challenge I offered $250 (increasing $50 a day) for anyone who complete a Grand Challenge using only legendary cards including the fisher man WITHOUT losing a single match! These challenges are not at all easy hence the name, impossible challenge! They require incredible amounts of patience and skill in order to win so if you think you’re up to the challenge follow my Twitter @CWA where I’ll announce my next Impossible challenge soon! Tiger was the player who managed to compete this impossible challenge! Tiger chose to make a bridge spam archetype deck which man you pros found the most success with when trying to complete the challenge! Bridge spam deck require you to know what deck the opponent is playing before you go too aggressive, once you have that elixir lead however you can pressure the opponent and try to take a tower. If they play a tank like golem or hound in the back you can pressure opposite lane with a bridge spam unit. The best combo in this deck is lumberjack and ram rider. A raged up ram rider is almost impossible to stop and can easily take a tower! Check out the video to see the replays from Tigers grand challenge!

Deck Stats
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Mega Knight

Mega knight will mainly be used defensively and you should try to take advantage of his enter the arena ability to ensure you get maximum value for your elixir! He’s a great unit to counter push behind too.


Let’s be honest fisherman isn’t a strong card at all however he is useful at pulling units towards your king tower to activate your king tower or you use him defensively to pull units like ram rider, hog, battle ram, pekka, prince or golem away from your towers and preventing damage.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon will be you tank killer and will be important on defence against lava hound and golem decks. Electro wizard can be used to help protect this card from units like bats or ranged units like musketeer.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir play fairly passively and work out what deck your opponent is playing. You shouldn’t play your mega knight too much in single elixir because 7 elixir is a lot of elixir to play and you can be easily punished! Try to make positive elixir trades too, often you will be at a disadvantage in single elixir so saving up elixir and punishing when you get a good opportunity is vital to winning the match!

Late Stage Gameplan

Because this deck is 4.1 elixir you’re deck will be stronger in double elixir and you’ll be able to defend and counter push easier. You should now know what deck your opponent is playing so you can punish them when their low on elixir and their main counters are out of cycle. You can use your log predictively too if you know what units they have in cycle!

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