UNNERFABLE F2P Hog Mortar Earthquake Deck
Bufarete posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is probably one of the safest bet for F2P players out there.

It's composed of 50%-50% Rares and Commons which are easily upgradeable.

Mortar is such a versatile card, great on offense, great on defense, and great to keep the pressure on your opponent.

The combination of Bats and Skeletons gives you an extra zap bait element to the deck.

Valkyrie is such a solid damage dealer and tank. I can be easily pushed with the hog to protect him while doing devastating damage to the tower.

Hog + Earthquake is probably the deadliest combination in the game. Earthquake gets so much value in 90% of the cases. It completely destroys buildings, slow troops and allows the hog to get an extra hit in most situation.

Snowball is a very versatile card as well. It can push, slow and kill troops for two elixir. It will allow your hog to get extra hits and there is very little downside to going with prediction snowballs as it will slow the princess tower as well.

Against pekka-bridge spam decks you can earthquake + snowball and get hits even with a Pekka + other troops on the board while dealing devastating damage to both troops and tower.

Most of the cards in this deck will work in other decks so upgrading them shouldn't be a problem for the future regardless of what's your favorite archetype.

There aren't any real tricks you need to master this deck, as most cards are mechanics based, so once you learn the proper hog placements and earthquake timings you should be good to go!

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Don't be scared to earthquake if they give you value! Earthquake is a very cheap spell that can deal massive tower and troops damage with very little downside.


Use your musketeer for dual lane pressure and counterpush with her! Because of her range you always put the musketeer on the lane you don't plan on attacking and sending in a hog with her/or mortar valk.


Valkyrie is such a solid damage dealer and tank. I can be easily pushed with the hog to protect him while doing devastating damage to the tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Apply pressure with hogs and mortar, wait and respond with valkyrie. Don't try to predict too much with the snowball and the earthquake.

Send a naked hog and respond to your opponent.

Late Stage Gameplan

This is when you can start predicting a little bit more with snowball and earthquake.

Play the hog followed by an aggressive mortar, as the mortar will need to be responded as well as the hog, and you can get some mortar shots to defend the hog while doing tower damage!

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