Trophy Golem Sparky “Cycle” Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have our first time guest and CRL pro Lince on the channel sharing off meta Golem Deck! As with all golem decks you should use your princess towers as a resource and by this I mean using them to tank damage in order to save up elixir and build a bigger push! Obviously you don’t want to allow a push through that could three crown you so it’s important to play your golem when you know they’re low on elixir or their win condition is out of cycle! When building a push with this deck (in double elixir) try to start out with sparky behind then you can play golem as she gets closer to the bridge. Always try to have lumberjack down too because he is so fast he can help chop away their defensive troops and when he dies his rage spell helps out your golem and sparky. Remember your golem has death damage too, so if the opponent has minion horde you can Tornado them above your golem so they die when he split some into the golemites. Against bridge spam in single elixir you shouldn’t need play your golem at all! Play defensively then in double elixir you can start your huge offensive push. If the opponent is playing hog rider, balloon, graveyard or bridge spam try to activate your king tower as early as possible. If your opponent has lava hound I recommend playing same lane as your opponent, you can play golem in the back if they play hound in the back too. You’ll rely heavily on ice wizard Tornado to help stop their push sndnuse your lumberjack behind your golem to apply offensive pressure!

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Sparky strikes fear into almost every opponents heart (unless they have lightening or rocket) because if they mess up a defensive sequence it can’t easily cost them the match against this card. Try to play her behind your push especially in double elixir so you have units tanking damage to keep her alive. Once she’s in the lumberjacks rage spell she charges up in around three seconds which can help take out their defensive troops especially if you pair her with the Tornado. In single elixir you can play her defensively, remember to keep her out of spell range to your towers if the opponent has rocket! (Unless you’re playing against Chief Pat) Sparky is the ultimate tank stopper so play her same lane if the opponent plays a tank in the back.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is still one of my favourite cards in the entire game, even with all 17 legendary cards right now! He is such a powerful defensive troops and he synergies very well with the Tornado if your opponent has a large push heading your way! At equal levels he won’t die to the fireball either. This gives him some counter push potential as a support troop too!


Skeletons can offer a lot of value for one elixir if you play them correctly. As you can see I can the first replay splitting them in the middle can distract a Mortar for two cycles and buy you enough time to play a golem. They can also be use to kite units like mega minion too. You can use them to tank damage from charging units like prince or bandit! They can even be used to distract an inferno dragon so don’t underestimate these cards!

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir you should play this deck just like you would a regular golem deck by defending in single elixir and trying to make some positive elixir trades. Take a mental note of the opponents win condition and what units they have to counter your key cards like golem and sparky. He is happy to play the sparky defensively in single elixir too. Because you might rely on ignoring a push in double elixir it’s worth while activating your king tower as early as possible to help aid your defence throughout the rest of the match. You can see from the third replay that Line is happy to wait for double elixir if the opponent doesn’t make the first play!

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is when this deck shines! However you can see that Lince will still play passively if he knows the opponent has their win condition in cycle! Often all you need with this deck is one solid push when you know the opponent can’t punish you to end the game! Check out the video to see how patiently and passively Lince uses his deck, and stick around to the end of the video to see if I can pick up a three crown victory on ladder using this deck!

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