Easiest Miner Poison Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is a miner poison control deck with the furnace, I think it’s extremely easy to use and relatively low skill too! Kevo is an Australian Pro who won multiple 20 win CRL challenges a few months ago using this deck. With this deck you have a lot of defensive units which provide a huge counter push potential, you can miner in the back to tank tower damage too. You can use your barbarians to surround splash damage units like executioner or bowler too. Against bait decks you have the barb barrel and snowball to help defend, the furnace is also a great way to block up the lane they’re trying to pressure. Against graveyard decks, save your poison for defence, especially if it’s graveyard freeze, and play passively while getting chip damage throughout the match with your miner. This deck is also incredibly strong against Royal Giant and golem decks because of the barbarians and the baby dragon! If the opponent is playing an air deck you have your furnace to kite their tank and also splash their support troops, space out your musketeer and baby dragon to help defend and counter push after a successful defence.

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Remember to always switch up your miner placements throughout the match to make it harder for your opponent to predict. If they have units like princess or musketeer near their tower you can miner the tower and predictive poison incase they play units to protect their princess.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon is the only air splash damage troop in the game. He’s primarily a defensive troop that’s good for sniping the opponents support cards. He’s also a mini tank and you can counter push with him using the miner too.

Early Stage Gameplan

Opening plays with this deck is ideally the furnace. If you don’t have this in cycle wait 10-15 seconds then try cycling the snow ball or barb barrel. It’s ok to take some damage in single elixir, you don’t want to over defend and respond to every single unit they play. I recommend watching the videos to see just how passively Kevo plays this deck during single elixir even against beat down archetypes.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can play more aggressively and support your miner pushes with your spells. Make prediction spell placements if you know what troops they have in cycle. Remember what units your opponent is playing and use the correct support troops accordingly. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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