Lumberjack Balloon Goblin Cage Cycle Deck
DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck allows you defend and create different pushes for the balloon and musketeer. With three tanks, you can cycle thru cards to control the flow of the match and keep your musketeer at range for attacks against air and ground units. Use the balloon when you successfully took out any air defense units out of the opponents rotation. The goblin cage will allow you to distract enemy troops and gives you a chance to play units behind the brawler once the timer runs out for the cage.

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The balloon is your primary offensive push and will be used to catch your opponent off guard or to punish your opponent if they don't have any air units in rotation

Goblin Cage

The goblin cage will serve as a distraction for units and create a quick leading counter push for your musketeer or balloon


Similar role as the goblin cage but the lumberjack will also allow you to defend against ground units and tanks in a much faster and efficient manner. Did i forget to mention that the lumberjack will also rage up the ballon pushes.

Early Stage Gameplan

Since the deck has a low elixir cost and is designed to cycle, you can use it the same way during double and single elixir time. The key is to force your opponents heavy spells and air defense out of rotation in order to create a balloon . push with the musketeer and the lumberjack, ice golem, or goblin cage. Remember the goblin cage is on a timer and that should delay placement of the musketeer and ballon so they don't move past the released goblin brawler. Use the ice golem, bats and goblin cage to distract units

Late Stage Gameplan

The deck excels in double elixir time since it cycles incredibly well and defends and controls the match

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