Crazy Off-Meta Clone Deck!!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have Texas Warrior on my channel sharing this incredibly strong clone deck that has some of the highest win rate cards all inside one deck! The secret formula for the perfect offensive push with this deck is, night witch in the back, Giant skeleton in front then you can combo in the lumberjack, archers or baby dragon (depending on what units your opponent has in cycle) then you can clone and often win the match off one push because you’re opponent has just rage quit! Texas warrior like to try to control the tempo of a match by playing this deck aggressively even in single elixir. Baiting out spells is incredibly important when playing this deck which is why he purposely plays his archers same lane and his night witch close to his towers. Graveyard is an easy match up with this deck, you have archers, Valkyrie, lumberjack and zap which can all be used to help defend their push. Try to stop their tank at the bridge to help reduce tower damage too. LavaHound decks require you to know what cards you opponent has in cycle, he will pressure opposite lane with lumberjack to stop them playing their hound or if he knows some of their ground units are out of cycle. You have archers, baby dragon and night witch to help defend and you can use your zap on the lava pups too. Counter push at every opportunity and have your clone spell ready to deploy! Beat Down archetypes, you will mainly use Valkyrie and lumberjack to take down their tank, you can use you giant skeleton to protect your defensive units from their support cards and you can clone him early so the cloned death bomb takes out their troops. Hog rider and Bridge Spam decks, you will definitely take damage against these decks so defend lightly and apply the aggression on the counter push. The lumberjack and Valkyrie will be your key defensive troops.

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Night Witch

Opponents like to poison the night witch because they will be assuming your running a golem deck. However if you can bait out their poison by playing her close to your princess towers then they now have one less card in cycle to help defend your cloned push. If they don’t have poison she is incredibly strong because by playing her in the back allows her more time to spawn more bats which will help support your push and once you clone you’ll have double the amount of bats = rage quit!


Clone has seen it’s use rates go through the roof over the last few week due to the lava clone deck that I covered the other day! Always try to bait out their spells like a poison or tornado before using this card rocket ensure you get maximum value. However you can clone knowing your giant skeleton bomb will take out their defensive troops like Texas warrior does in the first match. Try to clone as many units as possible too when you play this card to make it even harder for your opponent to stop your push. The clone spell pushes the original unit forward which can be useful if your giant skeleton is about to die before he reaches the tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Good starting plays with this decks are archers or cycling zap. Try to work out what spells your opponent is playing so you know what you need to bait out before you go too aggressive.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you definitely need to try to control the pace and tempo of the match. Remember bait out their spell if possible and keep applying pressure until you break through or you make them rage quit! Check out the video to see Texas warrior pushing live on ladder!

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