2.9 X-Bow
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

X-bow has been around in the meta almost since day one, a good xbow player can draw even the most difficult matchups which makes it a great deck for both ladder and challenges. In today’s video I have crafter on the channel playing live inside the top 20 on ladder! With xbow you often only require one good tower lock in order to win the match so it’s important to know what deck or opponent is playing and what units they have in cycle before you go aggressive with your win condition. Golem is probably the hardest matchup you can face when playing this deck, you can see from the first replay crater will play his xbow when he knows the opponent doesn’t have the golem in cycle and when they’re low on elixir. He plays his xbow fast and decisively to try to punish the opponent. You can get their tower to around 800-1000HP then you can begin to spell cycle while playing defensive Xbow opposite lane supported by the Tesla. Against bridge spam you’ll rely heavily on defensive Tesla’s supported by your one elixir troops and the log. Try to punish them once their Pekka or mega knight is out of cycle. The two spells in this deck synergies great together and they both have a knock back effect which can be vital. One thing I notice is that Crafter will use these two spells defensively especially during the early stages of the match. He will cycle log and ice spirit at the bridge however to chip away at their towers providing he doesn’t need them for defence. This deck requires a lot of patience to play most matches will go into over time, the difference between single and double elixir will mainly depend on what deck your opponent is playing but if you get the opportunity to punish them I would definitely take it. Against quick decks in double elixir you should be relentless with the pressure trying to control the tempo of the match!

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Always place your defensive X-bow on the strongest side tower, this will avoid giving your opponent good spell value and will force the challenge to split their damage because a good player will know they simply can’t ignore a defensive X-bow! When playing this card offensively you will be required to support it to try to get maximum value, just don’t over commit and don’t support too much if they have rocket in their deck.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is a very valuable defensive unit, he can be used to tank damage from charging units like bandit or the prince from hitting your xbow and he can also be used to kite troops into the opposite lane. His frost nova can also kill squishy units like bats or skeletons too.

Ice Spirit

Both the one elixir units in this deck are more than just cycle cards, try to use them defensively as much as possible while supporting your xbow or Tesla. The ice spirit can be cycled at the bridge to try and get some small chip damage too. They can be used to kite heavy hitting units like pekka or prince too buying your towers and the rest of your defence more time.

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