Pekka Bridge Spam is OP!!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

We have Mikel who is a Spanish CRL pro! This deck is a lot easier to play and have success with than some of the recent decks I’ve shared. This is currently my favourite bridge spam deck right now! One of my favourite things about this deck is the defensive versatility that allows you to also counter push with he surviving troops or you can also pressure opposites lane like Mikel does in the replays. It’s ok to take some small tower damage too in order to help you build up a good elixir lead and pressure the opposite lane. For air defence with his deck you have plenty of options which makes it great against lava hound and also balloon cycle decks. Baby dragon will be important to use if the opponent has swarm units like minion horde but you also have the snowball and the electro wizards zap mechanic. You can use snowball to knock back units like balloon and hog rider, buying your towers more time to shut down their push. Bandit can also be used to fully counter a princes charge without taking damage. If the opponent has an air deck you can use your pekka more aggressively and support her with your spells. Royal Giant is also a fairly easy match up, your pekka should be used to counter the RG and the bay dragon can be placed to answer their support units. If they have lightening try to keep your ewiz out of spell range to your towers. You should defend and counter push against RG.

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Ram Rider

Ram rider is still incredibly strong. She’s great to use on defence because her snare mechanic can help you defend against hog rider, balloon and other bridge spam decks! She will be your main pressure card to play opposite lane if you opponent places a heavy tank behind their princess towers.

Electro Wizard

Electro wizard is a great defensive unit, his enter the arena ability almost gives you a third spell inside this deck. He’s a good support unit to use if your opponent is playing inferno dragon or inferno tower. His stun mechanic is great at slowing down the opponents troops and also is great at preventing charging units like battle ram, prince etc.


Pekka is your main tank killer so she can offer a lot of value against beat down decks during double elixir. She has huge counter push potential because she can tank damage for your units like bandit or ram rider. Against 2.6 Hog Cycle try to start out a push by playing her in the back and building a huge push and try to overwhelm your opponent!


Poison can be swapped for lightening if you generally prefer a heavier spell. If you’re facing beat down decks with witch or your mid range ladder where you face lots of wizard then try running the lightening version. Poison will be you main graveyard counter but if you have to play it offensively then you also have barb barrel and snowball which can take out the spawning skeletons.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir you can start with a pekka in the back providing your opponent makes the first play and you know it can’t lead to them punishing you easily. Try to assess what deck they’re playing too. You can also play bandit at the bridge or barb barrel too. In single elixir I would recommend defending and counter pushing your opponent as much as possible. If they have pump always poison it in single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can see how Mikel will make prediction spell placements to help support his offensive pushes. In order to have success with this you should try to track what your opponent has in cycle. Check out the video to see how Mikel handles some extremely tricky matchups using this deck!

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