Valkyrie Log Bait!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Log bait right now is a heavy draw based archetype, this is because of the high use rate of decks that run triple spells including two answers to your goblin barrel like snowball and log. You can shift your play style to more defensively, this means you still apply light offensive pressure and can take advantage of any mistakes which are made but other than that you should play passively. According to zero log bait is a mental game, he tries to condition his opponents into forcing them to play cards they don’t want to play by controlling the tempo of the match and by apply pressure you force them to play the game differently to how they want to. I highly recommend learning what damage your spells do when combined together, you can also play princess at the bridge and if the opponent doesn’t respond in time she’ll get around 150 damage. You have your inferno tower to answer beat down archetypes and also RG decks.

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Princess in the most important card of any bait archetype. People often under estimating the value she can offer so try to protect her as much as possible. If your opponent doesn’t have a big spell you can stack up princess’ same lane then protect her from the opponents troops. She can do a lot of damage to the opponents tower if left unchecked and her range allows her to defend the opposite lane while keeping her out of spell range to your other units.

The Log

Log is your small spell and from watching the replays you can see Zero is happy to play naked logs especially against fast cycle decks (besides other bait decks) you can rely on chip damage throughout the match and it also allows you to cycle back to the counters you need quicker.


Rocket is your big spell and it can not only offer a lot of offensive value in double elixir or sudden death but it’s also a great defensive tool. Zero will also rocket hog ice golem, lumber jack + ram rider are all circumstances where rocketing is a safer play than using the inferno tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

A goblin barrel in the ‘safe zone’ is a good opening play, it can often allow you to see what small spell your opponent is playing. Once you know what deck your opponent is playing you can cycle logs if you don’t require them defensively. Try to protect your princess as much as possible to. Ice spirit cycled at the bridge is a free 100 damage because most opponents ignore him.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you really need to focus on controlling the tempo of the match and forcing responses from your opponents. Take any rocket value and keep cycling those logs and goblin barrels. You can rocket cycle in sudden death if their towers are around 1200 HP. Goodluck with this deck everyone don’t forget to check out the video to pick up some awesome hints and tips from the German Pro Zero!

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