Magic Mortar
Bufarete posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is an odd deck for sure.

It took me quite a few battles to understand it and to get my first easy victories.

At glance the deck appears to be missing a main win condition. While mortar is a win condition this deck seems to be more of a team effort rather than relying 100% on the mortar damage.

If you are like me the Magic Archer seems like an odd choice for this deck, however, once mastered you can definitely see why is in this deck.

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Magic Archer

It's all about basic geometry. Learn the angles, learn the range. Try not to put the naked Magic archer at the bridge, try to use the mortar first and use the magic archer to respond to whatever they use to counter the mortar.

Cannon Cart

Amazing value! Try to use the cannon cart defensively and counter push with a mortar. If you know they have goblin gang or skeleton army you'll be able to do some predictions with the barb barrel!


Furnace is such a great card in this deck. It will help with the spell bait aspect of it, while at the same time providing long lasting help to the mortar and cannon cart.

Early Stage Gameplan

Be passive, this is mostly a chip deck and coming from a deficit will be tough.

Start with early furnaces and try to get as much fire spirit damage as possible.

Use your cannon cart and knight defensively and counter push with them.

Late Stage Gameplan

This is when I start doing cannon carts at the bridge with barb barrels to defend.

You can overwhelm your opponent with pressure at the bridge.

Once you have a cannon cart, mortar and furnace on the field the magic archer will provide amazing value! Mortar will take the tower while the magic archer hits the tower and defends the mortar at range!

Try to not give too much spell value! Don't let them fireball/poison your furnace and the magic archer!

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