Hog 2.6
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck has truly stood the test of time, if you master this deck, which is fairly free to play friendly, then you have a good chance of reaching a new PB every season and even picking up your first GC win! Today’s guest is Yassun who is a Japanese Pro player who is currently inside the top 200 in the world! This is one of the highest skill cap decks in the game! This deck is fairly free to play friendly which makes it great for a lot of you guys out there! A lot of people out their like to use canon as card when their full on elixir and don’t know what other play to make, but that can be throwing away three elixir and if you play canon this way then you’re not controlling the tempo of the match. Troop placement is vital to winning with this deck too, it avoids giving your opponent good spell value and you should aim to cycle your cheap units to defend and distract their troops from reaching your tower. Against balloon decks the fireball knock back effect will be good to use if they have a huge push, you also have the musketeer, which you can easily play two of if you cycle more quickly, and you also have the ice spirit and the canon to kite. Keep applying pressure with the hog to avoid them been able to build up a huge push and always space out your troops to avoid giving them good spell value. In the video you can see that our guest plays against Dank Ganon who is one of the best 2.9 xbow players in the world. Yassun will use the ice golem to distract the xbow and then play canon to counter the xbow. He tried to pressure opposite lane after every successful defence. Against beat down archetypes you really need to keep up that pressure and try to keep control of the tempo of the match, offence is definitely the best defensive if you’re against a heavy beat down deck. You can kite their tanks with canon and use your fireball against their support units, try to snipe them with your musketeer too.

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The Log

Log is not only one of your cycle cards but it can offer insane value throughout the match if you cycle it at the bridge to chip away at the tower while also damaging or knocking back some of their offensive units. If you’re up against bait decks however you might need to rely on this card for defence unless you can successfully out cycle their goblin barrel.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is you mini tank inside this deck. He’s a great unit to use to help protect your musketeer and princess towers. He can also be used to kite units like pekka into the opposite lane and his frost nova ability works great at helping defend against bats, goblins and minions. If he still has some health left you can counter push behind him with your hog rider too!

Hog Rider

So if you hadn’t guessed, the hog rider is your condition however he does often require a lot of support from your spells and also the ice spirit in order to make that tower connection. He will usually only get one, maybe two tower hits per push unless you catch your opponent when they’re seriously low on elixir. You can see from the replays how aggressive today’s pro plays the hog throughout the match amen he plays the support cards very patiently to try to get maximum value.

Early Stage Gameplan

Single elixir can result in a lot of damage against your opponents towers because it’s unlikely you’ll be facing a quicker cycle deck than this one! This means you can start out the match with a hog at the river, remember how your opponent responds and try to out cycle their best defensive option or play the right support cards if they have a couple of counters.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should know what deck your opponent is play which allows you to support your hog rider with the correct units, for example if they have inferno dragon you’ll play ice spirit, if they have skarmy or goblin gang you can prediction log. Don’t forget to check out the video, feel free to stick me on mute and focus on the decision making that Yussan makes throughout the matches!

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