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After more than 3 years we finally have a pro player who has reached over 8000 trophies! This is a new world record and the guy who achieved it isn’t called Egór who you may recognise from my previous videos. He used the mortar miner deck which is pretty much free to play friendly and is also fairly straight forward to use. Just like we spoke about in the last bait guide, you should try to control the tempo of the match when using this deck, playing your miner aggressively can force your opponent to spend more than 3 elixir defending. This is a dual win condition deck which makes it great for keeping up the pressure on your opponent. This is also a quick cycle deck, use your spells to support your defence if required too. Counter push at every opportunity, if they have graveyard try to keep applying opposite lane pressure when possible.

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Miner can be used both offensively and defensively depending on your card rotation. You can play miner onto their tower if you have a mortar down, then if they play any defensive units like pekka you can kite them into splash range with their tower, acquiring extra chip damage.


Rascals are a great defensive unit that can offer a lot of value. The can also potentially bait out spells like log or even poison which then opens up the game for you to apply pressure with your spear goblins or goblin gang!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game Egór is happy to play this deck aggressively, he will often start out with a miner or mortar played onto the opponents towers. Remember to switch up you miner placements especially in single elixir, the first time you play miner you should place him in the anti Tornado spot.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double time you can feel the aggression from Egór, you can easily apply dual lane pressure due to the dual win conditions inside this deck! Take any spell value you can especially if you don’t need to rely on them for defence. Goodluck with this deck! Don’t forget to check out the video to see some amazing ladder game play!

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