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Today we have one of our favourite Pros back on the channel, Morten! This deck is kind of a cross between fireball bait and bridge spam. Magic archer is a good troop to cycle in the back due to his extremely long range. Try to punish the opponent once they play their units like Valkyrie or fireball which hard counter this deck. The hunter is a good defensive units that works well against pekka, baby dragon, golem, giant, hound and even the hog rider. You can use your skeletons to protect him and keep him alive a little longer. Use your spells to support your royal hogs when you can especially if you can get spell value by chipping away at their towers at the same time.

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Goblin Cage

Goblin cage is very spell resistant which is what makes him better than tombstone. The brawler is a great mini tank that you can counter push behind or you can even rely on him defensively to help stop the opponents pushes. Use the cage to kite units like hog rider, royal hogs, giant and golem into the centre of the arena.

Royal Hogs

Most of the time you shouldn’t split these unless you only need a few hundred damage on one tower and you already have units down ready to counter push. You can play these similar to how you’d play a hog rider in terms of playing them to distract their offensive troops.


Rascals are are great on defence because they target air and ground. They can also bait out spells like log or poison too. You can counter push behind the rascal boy. They’re also great at helping defend dashing units like battle ram, prince or bandit.

Early Stage Gameplan

As with every match, learn what deck your opponent is playing. You can start out with a goblin cage or by cycling skeletons in the back. Play defensively and counter push during single elixir. Try to make positive elixir trades then punish your opponent on offence.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should hopefully have the damage advantage against beat down archetypes. You may need to switch lanes throughout the match, especially against graveyard decks. You can pretend to build ups huge push in one lane then pressure opposite lane if they only have one splash damage unit. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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