Kick Ash posted 3 years ago

We have yet another world record set inside the game by Flame aka Trainer who pushes a level one account. A level one account means you can never upgrade a single card inside the game. The Level one community is growing every single day and if you're interested in checking them out follow their twitter here https://twitter.com/NovaLvl1 Playing as a level one requires a lot of patience and a different play style to a regular account. You need to defend every single unit your opponent throws at you because your towers can't even one shot bats or skeletons. You will have to defend with more elixir value than what your opponent has played and then rely on a good counter push. Obviously this deck is very legendary heavy and that's because they offer the most value as a minimum level unit. Their special and unique abilities can come in very useful especially on low to mid range ladder where opponents aren't used to facing them. Heavy tanks can be a real problem for your princess towers because you can't allow them under any circumstances to get to your towers, that is why we have inferno dragon, sparky and the skeleton army in this deck to help avoid those situations. In lower arenas zap has a fairly high use rate and you can use this to your advantage by baiting it out then trying to punish your opponent with your other 'zapable' troops. Your zap bait units are sparky, inferno dragon, skeleton army and even the princess if the opponent has a max level zap spell. You also need to avoid giving your opponent any form of spell value because your towers will only take around 5/6 fireballs or poisons before you'll lose a tower so you must space out your units, you can play princess opposite lane to help avoid this.

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Sparky can offer a lot of value, especially if she's inside the rage spell of the lumber jack. Use her to help take out heavy units like Golem, giant and even royal giant. If the opponent has a lot of swarm she can help protect an entire lane. Try to protect her using units like lumber jack or ewiz. She offers a lot of counter push potential too and getting a lot of value from her can often be the only way to win a game.

Electro Wizard

Electro Wizard has an enter the arena ability which almost make him a second spell inside this deck. You will rely on him to help defend against units like sparky. inferno dragon, battle ram and also the two princes. He's also one of your main units for air defence so if your opponent has a heavy air deck try to keep him in cycle.


Princess is probably the most important defensive unit inside any deck she is used in. Try to protect her and also stack her up as much as possible, two or three princess's in the arena can help defend and then allow you to counter push. If the opponent has graveyard you can play her behind your king tower to help take out the spawning skeletons providing you can stop their tank at the bridge.

The Log

The log is your only direct damage dealing unit inside this deck. Its knock back ability will be extremely useful on defence and can also reset charging units like prince or battle ram too. As you get more comfortable using this deck you can make prediction plays providing you know what troops your opponent has in cycle. Unfortunately one of the many challenges you face with this deck is that this card won't one shot units like princess or dart goblin!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to work out what deck your opponent is playing, and take a mental note of their win conditions, then you can always try to have the right units in cycle to help defend their pushes. I wouldn't try to counter push in single elixir with this deck unless you know you have a huge elixir lead.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you can start to build up more defensive troops which gives you a greater counter push opportunity. Because you have to over defend with this deck it can be tricky for your opponent to fully stop your counter push unless they have splash damage units. If they do try to lightly pressure opposite lane to force them to split their elixir. Once again this deck is incredibly defensive and just like an x-bow player you need to be happy to play for the draw if you know you can't break through their defence.

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