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Today we welcome Indes to the channel who has found a viable cycle deck that the fisher man works with! This 2.8 cycle deck allows you to control the tempo of the match. The fisher man works great on defence against bridge spam and beat downcast archetypes. You have the log, guards and magic archer which help you on defence against bait too. The guards also work really well in this deck because the pekka “nerf” still means she is around in the meta a lot and these guys really help you control her along with the ice golem for kiting. Guards can also be used to surround splash control damage units like sparky, wizard and executioner. You can see from the video that against 2.9 xbow Indes will play aggressively especially during in single elixir, he will do trick hog pushes to force the Tesla out of the opponents hand so he can then pressure with the hog rider.

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Fisherman has definitely seen some improvement his the latest balance changes. However if you’re up against LavaHound or Graveyard decks this guy still won’t help you out overly much so you’re best keeping him in your hand rather than playing him. However against beat down decks and hog rider decks he’s great to use to rely on to get an early king tower activation. He isn’t a cycle card so you shouldn’t play him behind your king tower like you will with your magic archer or even a musketeer. The fisherman should only be played on defence, however... he has a good amount of counter push potential because he can pull units away from your hog rider potentially allowing the hog to get an extra hit or two on the opponents towers.

Magic Archer

Don’t be afraid to use this guy at the bridge on defence or offence to try and get some extra chip damage. This guy is a fairly high skill card so it’ll take from practise in order to get maximum value from by knowing where to place him to get maximum damage. He does die to fireball so if the opponent has that spell keep him out of tower range to avoid giving your opponent good spell value. Against air decks try to play this card as much as possible, this will hopefully mean you always have one in the arena at all times and it’ll also allow you to chicken back to a second magic archer when they place their win condition. Try to protect this card just like you would a princess or a musketeer, protecting him can cause a real problem for your opponent and often cause them to over commit to take him out.

Hog Rider

Hog rider is your main win condition, you have a lot of units that you need to take advantage of on the counter push by playing your hog in front of them and pressuring the opponent. You can also kite units with the hog too, these include units like, Valkyrie, pekka, baby dragon and so on! If the opponent has swarm units for defence you can predictive logs once you know what your opponents cycle is while also getting some small chip damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game whenever possible try to get a king tower activation. You should also play this deck aggressively during single elixir because you can easily out cycle the opponents counters and win condition. Learn what deck your opponent is playing and punish them when you get heir counters to your hog rider out of cycle.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you need to try to control the tempo of the match, a good offence is the best defence, especially against heavy beat down decks! Keep cycling those logs and ice spirits to help get some more chip damage! Check out the video to see how a pro who has won multiple Grand Challenges handles this deck!

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