Powerful Graveyard Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have the amazing God_RF on my channel sharing this insanely strong Graveyard deck that I used myself to climb over 300 trophies! Graveyard decks are in a good position in the meta right now and that mainly down to recent balance changes including the Valkyrie nerf and the goblin cage buff. A good graveyard deck, just like this one, have very strong defensive capabilities due to the ice wizard Tornado power and also the recently buffed canon cart too. When using a graveyard deck you need to play passively, 90% of your pushes will come from a solid counter push. For bait decks you have the log but most bait players will be able to out cycle the log so try to activate your king tower and you’ll also rely on your splash units to defend. You might also need to poison the princess in single elixir. Air decks including lava hound can be difficult to handle, if it’s lava clone try to keep your Tornado or poison in cycle at all times. You only really have the baby Dragon and ice wizard for air defence so pressuring the opposite lane when they place their tank can be a good way to force them to split their elixir.

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Graveyard is your main win condition. You won’t play it to much in single elixir unless you know your opponents counters are out of cycle. To get maximum value from graveyard the placement is key, check out the video to see where the God_rf places the graveyard throughout his offensive pushes. If the opponent has Valkyrie you need to play it one tile close to the centre to avoid the splash of the Valkyrie. Defensive graveyards are ok to do especially against pekkas and also the prince. Just make sure you play the graveyard on your side of the arena so their princess towers don’t hit the spawning skeletons. If the opponent has elixir collector and they place it behind their tower then the graveyard is a fairly good counter. If they play a unit to defend then you can poison on top.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard slows units which buys you time to help stop the opponents push. He synergies extremely well with the Tornado on defence and he’s also a great counter to minion horde.

Goblin Cage

Goblin cage is incredibly strong right now. He is a building that can be used to kite tanks and also bridge spam units. Then the brawl has a fast hit speed which allows him to stab away at the opponents units. He is also fairly tanky which is the main reason he works so well in graveyard decks because you can use him as a tank for your skeletons. Also left unchecked he will deal hundreds of damage to your opponents princess tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir it’s ok to wait for your opponent to make the first play, remember you need to play passively and react to what your opponent does and making the first play can result in them rushing the opposite lane and taking a tower. If you do like the play the first play however you can cycle log in the back or play goblin cage if you have it in cycle. I highly recommend try to activate your king tower during single elixir by using the Tornado, you can do this against bandit, ghost, goblin barrel, hog rider and also balloon if you first kite it with the goblin cage. This will increase your defensive power for the reset of the match. If you’re just starting out with graveyard then focus on defending and building up an elixir advantage. Learn what deck the opponent is play and try to track their counters like minions, Valkyrie or poison, once or get comfortable and know these units are out of cycle then you can punish them by getting more aggressive.

Late Stage Gameplan

As a graveyard player almost all your matches will go into overtime. You should still focus on defence, try to counter push if you have surviving units and you can also pressure with the units that you don’t have to rely on for defence. Opponents will often drop a heavy unit at the bridge to stop your troops tanking for the graveyard, so playing more units at the bridge to kill their defensive tank then playing graveyard can be a lot more affective.

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