#1 Defensive Golem Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have Flobby the Golem God back on the channel sharing this super defensive deck that he used to finish inside the top 150 last season! The ice wizard, Tornado and goblin cage are the three units that make this deck super defensive and in single elixir you’ll rely on these three units to help protect your towers. Never double elixir when you start to build up a golem push try to place your support units as close to your golem as possible without allowing them to go incredibly front of the golem. You have lots of air defence for the annoying lava clone deck, for hog rider you have the goblin cage and also the Tornado for defence. Against siege decks you have the golem to tank and you simply build up support units behind your golem.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard will primarily be used defensively, he slows units and buys your towers time to shut down their push. He synergies extremely well this the Tornado too. He’s great to help defend against air decks including the annoying lava clone decks.


Golem is a great tank for all your units and no you need to try to play your support units close behind him in order to take advantage of his HP. You can Tornado the opponents troops into the death damage of the golem to get some extra value for your elixir!

Goblin Cage

Try to play the goblin cage on the field then you can start to build up a bigger push. He’s good on offence and also at defending lanes from units like hog rider and the bridge spam archetypes. The brawler has a big counter push potential and he is also a great counter the mega knight who’s use rate has gone up in this meta!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should aim to play very defensively but be careful not to over commit on defence. Try to activate your king tower as early as possible, especially against balloon, hog rider, bridge spam and bait! You can play golem early game if you know you have an elixir advantage or they opponent is playing seige.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start to build up your golem pushes. You can play your goblin cage first to buy you time incase they pressure opposite lane when you play your golem. Check out the video to see Flobby playing live on ladder!

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