#1 TROLL DECK Make Opponents Rage Quit!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have Eyal who is an Israeli Pro on the channel sharing this deck which he has been dominating with! This deck is designed to overwhelm your opponent, often in one single push. Try to clone as many units as possible in one clone spell, you should aim to clone three units to get maximum devastation on your opponents towers. The furnace can be used to kite units like hog rider, ram rider and balloon etc. It applies constant pressure when it’s played and can also be a good option to try and bait out the opponents poison spell which does hard counter your clone synergy. One common mistake with this deck is playing to aggressive, it’s 4.1 elixir so you should taken what the opponent gives you, defend first, reload with furnace and try to set up a push with your slow units in the back. Wait for your opportunity to counter push with your clone.

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Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton is a great tank unit, his death bomb can completely stop any chance your opponent has of a counter push. Getting him to the tower is your main aim because he can deal over 1000 damage. Cloning him can actually push the original units forward so his death bomb hits the tower which you can see at 8:13 in the video.


Tornado has a HUGE defensive capability because it synergies extremely well with the giant skeleton bomb on defence. It works well against beat down archetypes because it can completely stop all the support units. It can also be used to help activate your king tower early game and is a good counter to the hog rider.

Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton barrel is a good unit to play along side your counter push, it demands a response from your opponent and if they make a misplay or you catch them without a small spell in cycle it can get tons of damage. It also has death damage too which is capable of taking out smaller units like bats.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with furnace if you have it in cycle, if you don’t wait to see if he opponent makes the first play. Play defensively especially until you know what deck your opponent is playing, try to activate your king tower if you’re up against bridge spam, hog rider or bait archetypes.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game you can really start to support your counter push units, try to maximise your value from the clone spell by cloning as many units as possible. You can use your Tornado to pull troops into the giant skeletons death damage which will help protect your remaining troops. Goodluck with this deck check out the video to see if Eyal can get 12 wins live in a Grand challenge!

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