#1 Log Bait Deck Right Now!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have ElBrian sharing this super fast 2.8 elixir cycle deck. This deck is so strong right now because of the low use rate of golem and Royal Giant in the meta. In almost every situation you should simply to protect your princess, try to be patient with your goblin barrel because over committing with this deck can easily cost you the match. The beauty of all fast cycle decks is that they require a lot of patience and skill to play, mastering decks like this one will really help improve your over all game play. Try to defend with units like princess or Valkyrie when possible because these will provide a counter push which will force a response from your opponent. Try to cycle logs on their tower whenever they give you value, you can easily cycle back to it if required for defence. Your two once elixir cards can offer a lot of defensive value and they should be used to help you make positive elixir trades.

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Princess is a key defensive unit and stacking her up can easily help you win the match. Try to protect her as much as possible and force a spell from your opponent which would allow you to punish them with the goblin barrel. She’s the best unit you can use to start out the match if you play her behind your king tower. Her range means you can play her opposite range on defence to keep her out of spell range.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is your main win condition, try to make sure you bait out their counters before you pressure them, if they have units like skeleton army or goblin gang you can prediction log if you know they’re in cycle to support your goblins. As you can see from the second replay in the video, switching up your goblin barrel placement can confuse your opponents and make it harder to predict where it’s going to land, tricky barrels can easily get an extra 300 damage per push and also force more elixir from your opponent. Tricky barrels are best played within one tile of the tower. If they play a heavy unit in the back like pekka pressure opposite lane with the ice spirit and goblin barrel (in the order)

Early Stage Gameplan

Princess is the best opening play, because of the speed of this deck you should start out the match as soon as possible because you’ll often be able to come get more tower damage during single elixir. Single and double elixir are fairly similar, besides in double elixir you’ll be able to play more aggressively.

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