X-bow Pump Deck!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have KFC Clash back on the channel sharing this X-bow Pump Deck that has a lower skill rate than the traditional 2.9 x-bow deck. I like this deck because the pump gives you something to focus on if you’re not the greatest cycle player out there. However the cycle cards are still incredibly important because they can help you build a good elixir lead and you can also use them to make huge positive elixir trades! For example the ice golem can be used to kite a pekka into the opposite lane and away from your tower for a plus 5 trade. X-bow decks require some patience to play, try to learn what deck your opponent is playing. Try to bait out their spell between your musketeer and the elixir pump.

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X-now is your main win condition. Remember to learn what the opponent is playing then try to punish them when their counters are out of cycle. Use your Tesla to support the xbow and you can also playing your cycle cards to allow the xbow and Tesla more time to stop their defensive troops. Spells can be used to knock back units and reset them too if required. Defensive X-bows can be a good play if your struggling to break through their defence, you can then try to cycle back to a second X-Bow providing you have a pump down to help you cycle.


Ranged units like musketeer should always be protected try to get more value from her than what she costs.

Elixir Collector

Elixir pump has an extremely low use rate, you’ll mostly see it in a three musketeer deck or a deck like this. Sometimes you won’t be able to pump in certain matches especially if the opponent has the faster cycle deck.

Early Stage Gameplan

I would play this deck passively during the early stages of the match. Always try to have ice golem in cycle before you play elixir pump. I’m single elixir try to focus on building a good elixir lead and learning what units the opponent has to counter your x-bow. If you get a good opportunity to play x-bow then take it, just don’t over support the x-bow. If the opponent doesn’t have a fast log bait deck then you play log at the bridge to help chip away at their towers providing you’re getting some sort of spell value.

Late Stage Gameplan

With this deck a lot of matches will go into sudden death so you need to be patient when playing. If you think you have a good opportunity then support that x-bow and try to get as much tower damage as possible. If their towers are around 400 HP of below you can begin to spell cycle and rely on defensive x-bows and Tesla’s to protect your towers. Goodluck with this deck check out the video to pick up some amazing tips from the legendary KFC Clash!

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