My #1 Deck Right Now!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have a pro on the channel showing me show to play this deck. I prefer the musketeer because she has a low lower skill rate for a noob like me, also you don’t really need to swap her for the magic archer because you already have a lot of splash units inside this deck. You should aim to play this deck fairly slowly and build up a huge counter push. One of my favourite things about this deck is that you can split lane push, you can also recover fairly well from mistakes early game just like I managed to do when Adam was coaching me. Musketeer is a safe play to make, use her range to your advantage and try to protect her by playing something to tank for her.

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Ram Rider

Ram rider is extremely strong right now and she’s a great unit to use when you’re punishing your opponent. Her snare ability also allows her to counter units like hog rider and balloon, then provide you with a solid counter push. Ideally she should be played behind your pekka or dark prince so they can tank tower damage.


This mean girl was “nerfed” last season but she came back fighting stronger than ever with a longer range. She will be your main tank killer and should primarily be used defensively and then used as a tank for your counter push.


You have the lightening as your big spell which can be used to reset units like inferno dragon or inferno tower and can also offer a lot of value against units like wizard, witch and Electro Dragon. Try to take all spell value especially in double elixir, just be careful when you’re using this card to finish the match because they can easily block the lightening.

Early Stage Gameplan

In most matchups you’ll be trying to get through single elixir without taking to much tower damage, and slowly building up an elixir advantage. You can punish your opponent if they over commit too. Don’t over commit until you know what deck your opponent is playing. Wait for your opponent to make the first play, if your impatient and like to make the first move then bandit at the bridge is probably the safest option.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you’ll be able to support your pushes a lot more. Try to build up a large counter push to end the match. Remember you can easily split lane push if they play a heavy defensive unit in one lane. Check out the video to see me been coached by one of the best players in the world!

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