Unstoppable Sparky Deck!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is a great challenge deck so if you’re looking to get your first Grand Challenge win or pick up a few more wins then check this deck out! Sweep who is today’s guests is walking us through how to play this deck. When starting out a push in double elixir you should play sparky in the back (providing the opponent doesn’t have rocket) to start out your push. You will require your spells to help keep your sparky alive longer and force your opponent to invest more elixir into trying to take her out. Use your goblin cage to kite tanks and bridge spam units. Try to always play units close to the sparky to help keep her alive if the opponent plays units on top of her. Ewiz and mega minion will be your main air defence, you can use goblin cage to kite the balloon if required to. Zap is incredibly important because it can be played a lot quicker than snowball.

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You should try to protect sparky as much as possible, this can cause your opponent to panic and often over commit on defence. She’s a great tank killer and also works extremely well against the annoying royal hog decks that are going around at the moment.

Goblin Giant

Goblin Giant synergies very well with the sparky, this is because the spear goblins on his back can help protect the sparky and keep her alive longer. Try to have this unit tanking damage for your sparky. As you can see from the replays try to play goblin giant at the side of the sparky because he moves a little faster he will eventually end up in front of her but will remain close enough to help tank damage.


Lightening is your heavy spell and it can come in clutch at helping protect your sparky from units like electro wizard and Electro dragon. You shouldn’t always lightening the tower, sometimes it’s better to just hit the support troops to keep your sparky alive so you can get that blast on their tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

This is a heavy deck so you should wait for the opponent to make the first move. If you mess up your cycle in single elixir it can be very hard to recover. Work out what deck your opponent is playing and track their counters to your sparky. You can use the sparky defensively in single elixir and then counter push off her, just don’t go to out aggressively.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time this deck comes alive! This is the ultimate come back deck as you can see from the replays in today’s video. If you can defend then counter push then this is the safest way to play.

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