Triple Spawner Deck!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have Boeufmac on the channel sharing this extremely dirty deck that he’s been having huge success with! These kinds of decks are fairly low skill and will work great in double or triple elixir events as well as ladder and challenges. He says the reason this deck works can so well is because the goblin cage can be used to help protect your other building keeping them alive for longer, then the brawler acts as a mini tank for the spear goblins and the fire spirits. Try to stack up the spawner units in the same lane that your opponent is pushing. Mega knight and baby dragon are both splash units so defence is often easy providing to don’t get caught with a bad cycle. If the opponent has units like bowler or executioner try to apply dual lane pressure then punish with the ram rider when they play their win condition.

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Mega Knight

Try to take advantage of the mega knights enter the arena ability. Because of his high HP try to use him as a tank for your spawner troops or ram rider on a counter push.

Ram Rider

Use your ram rider to counter push the opponent or apply opposite lane pressure if thy play a heavy tank in the back. She can also be used to help defend against units like hog rider or balloon.

Electro Wizard

Electro wizard can act as a second spell inside this deck. He’ll be a super important defensive troops especially against inferno dragon. Use his stun mechanic to reset units like miner, battle ram or ranged units too that have locked into your towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should try to play your spawner units which will apply constant pressure and force your opponent to spend elixir defending. Take any poison can value you can, always counter push and try to defend at the bridge so your units like baby dragon or mega knight will stay in front of your spawner units.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you can easily overwhelm the opponents with a load of furnaces and goblin huts. Remember to try to protect these so you get maximum value from their life span. Goodluck with this deck check out the video to pick up some awesome tips from today’s guest.

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