Strongest Defensive Deck Right Now!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In this video we have the German Pro called Faust who has won tons of tournaments that I stream over on caffeine. I like to think of this deck as a defensive beat down style archetype. In this deck we have the ice wizard, baby dragon, goblin cage and tornado which are probably the four strongest defensive cards in Clash Royale right now. You also have the giant skeleton bomb which can stop the opponents push in their tracks. Use the balloon to punish your opponent when you know they’ve use different one of their key air defence units.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is such a powerful defensive unit especially when synergised with the Tornado. This guy and the baby dragon will be your main air defence so if that’s opponent has a heavy air deck try to always have one of these in cycle at all can times.


Miner will be used defensively a lot more than offensively in this deck. Think of him as a knight especially in single elixir. If the opponent has elixir collector you can use him to help take that out to prevent the opponent gaining an elixir lead. Remember to switch up your miner placements when using him offensively in double elixir.

Giant Skeleton

Think of giant skeleton as your tank inside this deck, in double elixir you can start to stack up units behind him. If the opponent has a lot of ranged units use the Tornado to pull them into the bomb of the giant skeleton.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir you should play very conservatively, don’t play miner to aggressively, don’t go all out on a huge push. Focus on learning what deck the opponent is play and making positive elixir trades through defence. Always activate your king tower if you get the opportunity, especially against balloon, hog rider and bait decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir try to play this deck like a beat down deck. By this I mean building up a large push and trying to over whelm your opponent. Have your goblin cage ready to help kite any units incase they try to rush you. Use the giant skeleton as your tank unit and try to build up support troops behind him. You should pressure with the balloon once he has used his air defence too, if the opponent has bats or inferno dragon have zap ready to help protect the balloon.

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