DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Hey Folks ! With the Clash Royale balance changes approaching , I decided to create a deck that takes advantage of the recent buffs and also pair a few cards that have had a great place in the recent meta. This deck allows you to play your mega knight as the true crowd control tank that he is intended to be and provides plenty of air and ground support with the amazing furnace and executioner. The deck is also designed to bait either the log or zap spell with the usage of either the skeleton barrel, minions or the extra fire spirits spawned when the furnace is ending its duration.

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Mega Knight

The mega knight will control the pace of this match with its ground slams and when paired with the executioner nd dart goblin you can clear lanes and defend against tanks that normally give your MK trouble.


The executioner is one of the most strongest "Non tank cards" in the game and has proven to be a great air defense unit that can endure fireball and lightning attacks. The executioner is excellent to tank your MK and buy you additional time to build up your elixir count so you can further support.

Dart Goblin

The dart goblin was already incredible before the changes so now with extra HP you can take advantage of the awesome attack speed and support your MK and chip away at units and towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

This deck is designed the mega knight's ground slam defense. Take advantage of this technique to stop enemy pushes and then support your MK with the dart goblin and executioner and surprise your opponent with a skeleton barrel push. You can also bait out zap or log spells with the use of the dart goblin, minions, and skeleton barrel. additionally, the furnace will also help in clearing the path or can be used on the opposite lane for chip damage.

Late Stage Gameplan

This deck is played the same in double or single elixir time. Only difference you can play your mk more aggressively since you can cycle thru units faster. Feel free to also drop the furnace as much as possible as well.

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