OP Golem Bomber Deck!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have Royal on the channel sharing this off-meta golem bomber deck that he’s been having huge success with. Golem beat down decks have been strong inside the game for a long time, one thing you need to get used to when playing golem is knowing when to defend and when to take some tower damage in order to build a bigger offensive push. This will come with practise however if you know the opponents push won’t three crown you, then you can invest all your elixir offensively and try to over whelm the opponent in one big push during double elixir. Inside this deck you have plenty of air defence and you also have the tornado to help take down those annoying clone decks. Inferno tower and inferno dragon decks are the most annoying to deal with, try to have a positive elixir lead before starting out your golem push so you can over whelm the opponent. You can also use tornado to break the inferno dragons lock.

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Golem is your meat shield inside this deck, use him to tank damage for all your support troops offensively. You might not play him until double elixir because if you do your opponent could easily punish you opposite lane. He can also he used to kite units like Pekka or prince away from your tower and into the opposite lane. You don’t have any direct damage so the golems death damage can be vital in winning a match!


Royal uses this guy in place of the dark prince, he’s cheaper to use and also has a bigger splash radius. He synergies extremely well with the Tornado on defence. When you playing an opponent without a big spell you can play this guy in the back when starting out a push, if they do have a big spell keep him out of tower radius and playing him closer to the bridge to help support the golem. He’s also a great counter to graveyard and bait archetypes.

Goblin Cage

The cage might have gotten a nerf however in this deck I think the brawlers slow movement speed has actually made this deck stronger. It allows you more time to build up more elixir and even be able to place a golem in front of the brawler in some circumstances. You’ll use this card to kite troops into the centre of the arena buying your towers more time to stop their push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should ideally wait for your opponent to make the first move, this is because this deck will be stronger in double elixir when you can cycle quicker. If you do start to play I’m single elixir try to get a good king tower activation to help out in defence throughout the rest of the match. Play passively and make positive elixir trades, if the opponent over commits you can play the golem early game. If you’re a player who likes to make the first play then you can place the goblin cage or ice wizard or mega minion providing out have other air defence units in cycle.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start to build up your golem push. However a good opponent will keep up constant pressure to try to stop you doing this, so this is the time you might need to defend very lightly in order to be able to play your golem. You can also play same lane and use your defensive units on a counter push by playing golem at the bridge to tank damage. Try to play your support units as close to the golem as possible, that way they help keep him alive as long as possible and it also takes advantage of the golems health. Check out the video to see some insane matches from the legendary Royal!

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