#1 Defensive Deck Right Now!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In this video we have Sweep on the channel who is a Sparky God! This deck works great against the majority of archetypes in the game. The recruits can be used to clog up both lanes and their shield mechanic makes it difficult for your opponent to take them out using a spell. This deck is all about the counter push, you defend well then punish your opponent when you know they’re low on elixir. It’s easy to over whelm your opponent if you can successfully keep your sparky alive and get as much value from her as possible. For air defence in this deck you have musketeer and bats, try to always have one of these in cycle if you’re up against a heavy air deck. You also have the snowball and ram rider which can be used to assist your air defence. The ram rider can be used to snare hogs or balloons while also providing a great counter push, just have snowball ready to help protect her. Use the sparky to help take out heavy tanks while using your recruits to distract their support cards.

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Fisherman is another solid defensive tool in this deck, try to use him to activate your king tower early game if you’re against giant, golem, hog, ram rider or goblin giant. You can also use this card to help protect your sparky from heavy hitting units like Pekka, prince, executioner or bowler.

Giant Snowball

Snowball can offer a lot of value for only two elixir. It can be used as a cycle card and it’s slow effect makes it a great support card either offensively or defensively. It has a knock back effect which is a great defensive tool to use against units like balloon, hog rider, royal hogs or even a low health wizard or musketeer. You might have to rely on this card to help protect your sparky or ram rider from swarm style units. Predictions can be good to use against quicker cycle decks that will use skeletons to distract your sparky.

Royal Recruits

Recruits will mainly be played at the bridge to distract and take down whatever the opponent throws at you. Against siege decks these guys will be your main defence. Never play them in the back unless you know your opponents win condition is out of cycle.

Early Stage Gameplan

You don’t want to be making starting plays with this deck, it’s a fairly expensive deck so wait for your opponent to make the first move then you can defend and slowly build up a big counter push. Against quicker cycle decks like 2.9 or 2.6 try to keep up the pressure in single elixir and force them to spend elixir defensively, you don’t want them to have a huge damage lead going into double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin to support your counters pushes a lot more. The beauty of this deck is you can easily split lane push which can make it hard for your opponent to defend and then have a successful counter push with. Good luck with this deck, check out the video to see how sweep uses this deck!

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