Crazy Combo Deck!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have Juuso14 on the channel sharing a deck that looks like it belongs around the 4K trophy mark but he currently using it high on ladder! In my opinion this is an extremely versatile deck that you will try to bait out your opponents small spell with before building up a bigger push. The only REAL weakness to this deck is X-bow because your only real tank is the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie will be used a mini tank for almost all of your pushes, her splash damage allows her to help protect your musketeer and sparky keeping them alive as long as possible. The baby dragon is your secondary tank inside the deck and Jusso likes to use the baby d to tank for the goblin barrel so he can save the Valkyrie to defend your other troops.

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Sparky will mainly be used defensively, cycle her behind your king tower if your opponent has a big push coming your way. The only time you shouldn’t play her behind the king tower is if the opponent is playing rocket. Try to support her on the counter push, once you know what your opponent is playing you can play the correct support cards behind her. If the opponent has zap you can try to bait it out by using your skeleton army or bats on defence first.


Witch is a very situational card, her high HP means she won’t die to poison or fireball even if they’re combined with the snowball or zap. She works great at blocking up a lane and this is a good tactic to use against bridge spam, bait or swarm style decks. If they opponent has lightening you shouldn’t play her close to your princess towers unless your trying to bait out their spell to help protect your sparky.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is a great punish card, Juuso will also play this card to surprise the opponent when he knows they’re low on elixir. Never start out the match with this card, save it and wait patiently until you see a good opportunity to play this card. If the opponent has barb barrel play this card on either the left or right of the tower to get at least one goblin swing every time!

Early Stage Gameplan

A 3.9 elixir deck is above average elixir cost, so match up dependent you might need to play passively until double elixir, especially if your against faster cycle decks like miner poison or bait. I recommend waiting for your opponent to make the first play, if they have golem you have lots of counters and you should use Valkyrie or baby dragon to take down their support troops.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is a great time to use the surprise goblin barrel on your opponent. Protecting your musketeer and sparky is a good play to make because it will force your opponent to spend more elixir defensively. You don’t have any direct damage dealing spell so keep up the aggression. You can play musketeer in the pocket if you know your opponent is low on elixir too. Check out the video to see some amazing replays from today’s guest!

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