Mega Knight BeatDown!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is basically a giant beat down archetype however today’s guest Tico has swapped out the giant and replaced him with the mega knight! You have three strong ground defensive units inside this deck, the mega knight, dark prince and the prince, they all work very well together and all offer good counter push potential. Unlike the traditional giant beat down you shouldn’t play your tank (the mega knight) in the back, try to play this deck defensively and then counter push. You can use the miner to pressure the opponent opposite lane if required. The double prince combo if insanely strong, the regular prince is a heavy hitting single target troop which can help take down tanks. The dark prince has splash damage which works great at taking out swarm units and his shield mechanic allows him to tank a hit from a Pekka so try to play the dark prince slightly in front of the regular prince. Against graveyard you have the poison spell to use to defend the skeletons, traditionally against GY decks you should play opposite lane but depending on your card cycle I’d recommend playing same lane because you’ll need to stop their tank from locking onto your tower.

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Mega Knight

Mega knight can be really difficult for your opponent to stop if they’re running a heavy air deck like lava hound. So if they are you can be more aggressive and pressure the opponent with this card during double elixir. His enter the arena ability allows him to knock back certain units, this card be useful on defence against royal hogs, hog rider, bridge spam decks and also certain bait archetypes. Because he’s so tanky try to counter push behind and have your spells ready to help protect him from air units like minions or bats.


Miner synergies very well with the zap spell because you can use zap to retarget their tower onto the miner keep your other units alive for a little longer. Because you don’t have log in the deck you might need to use him to snipe the princess to avoid the opponent been able to stack them up. He can also be used to snipe units like musketeer or wizard. Make sure you switch up the miner placement on the towers throughout the match if your using him for chip damage. Only pair him with poison if the opponent gives you good spell value or you know they’re going to play a unit like skarmy, ewiz etc.

Electro Wizard

Electro wizard will primarily be used defensively, his stun mechanic allows you to slow down their offensive troops. It also means you can reset units like inferno dragon, inferno tower which can protect your mega knight. He can also be used to counter a goblin barrel if you time his placement correctly, you can also pair his enter the arena ability with the zap spell to take down minion hordes.

Early Stage Gameplan

The electro wizard and mega minion will be your main air defence so don’t cycle these cards in the back until you’ve identified what deck your opponent is playing. With this style of deck you should play fairly reactively in single elixir, you can pressure if you know you have an elixir advantage. You might not even play the mega knight at in single elixir either! If the opponent has elixir collector use the miner to avoid allowing your opponent to build up an elixir advantage, pair him with poison if they give you good spell value.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you begin to support you counter pushes a lot more. Pair the miner and zap together on the opponents tower. Try to build up a huge counter push after a successful defence to overwhelm the opponent. In double elixir you can also use your spells to help support your units while also getting extra tower damage. Good luck with this deck check out the video to see how today’s guest uses this deck!

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