WTF! Insane Double Win Condition!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have Tilit Sword on the channel sharing this deck that he’s currently using live on Top Ladder! This deck has the match up advantage against the majority of archetypes in the game. Against graveyard you have the archers, Tesla, X-bow and barbarians which are all great counters. Try to take down their tank as soon as possible and pressuring opposite lane will mean they can’t counter push successfully on the lane they want to. If you opponent has siege use your RG to take out their X-bow, counter push when you can and use your x-bow offensively when you know theirs is out of cycle. Archers and Tesla will be your main air defence, you will also have to rely on your snowball and well placed rockets to help defend your towers against heavy air decks. Against bridge spam decks and hog cycle use your Tesla to kite tower targeting units, you have your snowball to knock back units and place your archers to help defend. Don’t give your opponent good spell value when placing defensive units!

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X-bow works so well because it can be either used offensively or defensively depending on single or double elixir and what deck your opponent is playing. Against heavy golem beatdown you will probably rely on defensive X-bows more then you can punish with the RG when they play their golem. If you get a tower lock try to protect this card as much as possible to get maximum value and force your opponent to invert more elixir defending.


Skeletons should be used to help make positive elixir trades, yes they’re good for cycling but they can also be used to land you a 2, 3 or even 4 positive elixir trade. Correctly placing them means you can surround units like executioner or sparky too. They can also be used to tank damage from heavy hitting troops like Pekka or prince. Use them to catch a miner or even a dashing bandit.


Barbarians are a great tank killer and will mainly be used to defend either your towers or offensive x-bows. They can also be split, this dan be useful against bridge spam decks when the opponent of pressuring both lanes.

Early Stage Gameplan

During he early stages of the match you should try to get a feel for what deck your opponent is playing, Tilt Sword will usually play a defensive show and this will make your opponent think your playing a regular X-bow deck. Save the Royal Giant to punish the opponent when they’re low on elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

This deck will be easier to use in double elixir because if it a fairly heavy deck. Learn what damage your spells do when combined together, you don’t want to be losing a match by a few HP because you miscalculated your spell damage. Keep hitting your opponent with he one two punch by switching between your win conditions and forcing them to spend elixir defensively rather than offensively. This deck will have the advantage once you take a tower down because the RG is almost guaranteed damage if you play him in the pocket.

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