Classic Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is brought to us from a Korean pro called Dandelion who currently has over 7100 trophies from using this deck! I’ve never shared this deck on my channel before so I’m excited to finally bring it to you guys! This is a variation of a bait archetype, it has the bats, goblin gang, spear goblins and the inferno dragon which can all be used to bait out your opponents small spell so you can punish them with your skeleton barrel which is the main win condition inside this deck! You should use the skeleton barrel fairly aggressively, often opponents will make mistakes when trying to counter the barrel and this can result in them losing the match. If the opponent has a few splash units in their deck then you will need to split lane push like Danelion does in the first replay where he successfully beats an executioner, Valkyrie and log deck! The skeleton barrel does death damage which can take out bats and also deals damage to their tower which is why you need to play this card aggressively to slowly acquire that chip damage throughout the match. Bats can be used to help protect your mega knight from inferno dragon or inferno tower, this can also force them to play a snowball or zap which means you can pressure with the barrel once again!

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Mega Knight

Mega knight I’ll mainly be used as a defensive response. This allows you to take advantage of his enter the arena ability, his knock back effect is a good answer to bridge spam and bait archetypes. Counter push behind him if you get the opportunity, his high health makes him a great tank for the barrel. The only exception where you might use him aggressively is if your against lava hound where you won’t need to rely on him to defend as much.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon will be your main tank killer, it’s a great counter to golems, giant and lava hound. It can also be used against balloon decks too. If the opponent uses zap or electro wizard to counter this card then you can punish them with your skeleton barrel.


Miner is a great mini tank and can be played onto their tower to tank damage for your smaller units inside this deck. You might also have to use him to take out long ranged units like princess, dart goblin or magic archer which are all good counters to the skeleton barrel. As always make sure you switch up your miner placement when you use him offensively on the opponents towers. Defensive miners will be important against some decks including bridge spam deck which have royal ghost.

Early Stage Gameplan

Skeleton barrel is the best opening card you can play when using this deck. It can show you what small spells they have or it can force them to waste elixir cycling to find a good counter too. You can also cycle spear goblin at the bridge or play miner into the safe spot on the opponents tower. This is a deck where you need to be playing aggressively even in single elixir, so keep apply that pressure. This forces your opponent into uncomfortable situations where they’ll struggle to be able to build up a push because they’re forced to spend all their elixir defensively.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you’ll be able to split lane push if you haven’t broken through their defence in single elixir. Keep cycling those skeleton barrels at every opportunity. Most matches will go into over time as you can see from the replays in the video. Good luck with this deck, check out the video to see some amazing game play from the top of ladder!

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