Pekka Bridge Spam!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

We finally have Zareldo back on the channel teaching us how to play this Pekka bridge spam deck! Bridge spam decks should be played fairly aggressively but you need to know what cards you opponent has in cycle in order to be aggressive at the correct times and what cards to use in order to be successful. You can pressure opposite lane to force your opponent to split their elixir between offence and defence but always try to have enough elixir to counter push with yourself. Against log bait your minions will be your main defence against the goblin barrel especially if the opponent has a unit tanking tower damage. Against graveyard you can poison offensively when you know they’re low on elixir, however most of the time you should save poison for defending the graveyard and always try to take their tank down as soon as possible. Against lava hound decks you need to be pressuring the opposite lane as soon as they place their hound, ideally you should play Pekka in the back but if she’s out of cycle then apply pressure at the bridge with your bridge spam units. Don’t allow your opponent the time to build up a heavy push behind the hound. You should ideally go for the three crown so tower trading in single elixir can be a good move to make. X-bow matches can be tricky so these require a lot of patience and touch should play as though you’re going to draw, only go aggressive if the opponent makes a mistake. Never Pekka in the back unless they x-bow in the middle. Against heavier decks, offence is definitely the best defence, try to control the tempo of the match.

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Battle Ram

Zareldo prefers this card over the ram rider because it is one elixir cheaper making it easier to pressure your opponent sooner. It can also be used as a meat shield against units like Pekka or prince to help keep your Pekka alive. It’s also a great card to play to kite units into the opposite lane and away from your princess towers.

Royal Ghost

Ghost can easily be used to activate the opponents king tower if they have tornado in their deck. So if this is the case keep him in cycle until their tornado is out of cycle or support him if you place him aggressively. His splash damage makes him a good defensive unit against bridge spam and bait archetypes. He’s a good support card to play behind the Pekka on a counter push, his splash damage will help counter skeletons and goblins.


Pekka will mainly be used defensively unless you’re against a heavy air deck. Try to counter push behind her or even apply opposite lane pressure. She’s great on defence against giant, hog rider and golem.

Early Stage Gameplan

At the start of every match you should play passively and see what the opponent is playing. A bandit or ghost in the back is a safe opening play. Never play Pekka or electro wizard as your first card, minions can be played but it’s a risky move in case they rush you with balloon.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir don’t get carried away by just spamming units at the bridge, you need to apply pressure but you also need to have enough elixir to be able to defend what the opponent throws at you. Learn what damage your spells do when combined together in case you need to spell cycle in sudden death. Battle ram can be used as a lightening rod if required too. Good luck with this deck I definitely recommend checking out the video to see the decision making that Zareldo makes!

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