Bait and Destroy!
Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we have GamingWithCivYT on the channel sharing this highly requested deck! The giant skeleton works so well in this deck because his defensive power is incredibly strong because his death bomb can shut down an entire push. If the giant skeleton survives always counter push behind him with the royal hogs! This deck has a bait element to it, if the opponent uses fireball or poison on the hogs you can play the three musketeers in the back. You should try to track your opponents spells and the. You can punish them once their counters are out of cycle! You will use hogs and musketeers as your main punish cards. One thing that makes this deck so strong is you can easily apply dual lane pressure and overwhelm your opponent because they won’t be able to defend both lanes!

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Fisherman will be an important defensive unit that can be used to activate your king tower against golem, giant and goblin giant. Try to always have him in cycle for when the opponent places one of these cards. He can also pull the hog to the king tower as well. I recommend that you always try to activate your king tower as early as possible. Fisherman can also reset charging/dashing units including, battle ram, bandit and prince.


Against air decks never cycle this card in the back. Only play him when you’re sure he can offer you good elixir value. You can also use the giant skeleton to try to keep him alive if you need to.

Giant Snowball

Snowball is an extremely versatile card, it can offer a lot of value either on defence or offence. It’s knock back effect can be useful on defence against balloon decks while it’s slow ability can be used to support your units. It’s also a fairly good counter the to goblin barrel, providing the opponent doesn’t have a unit tanking tower damage. This is also one of your cycle cards, you should always try to get value when cycling even in double elixir!

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir you can use the royal hogs fairly aggressively if you know your opponent doesn’t have a good counter in cycle. If they do you can apply dual lane pressure. Try to use he fisherman to activate your king tower if you get the opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

Three musketeers will mainly be used in double elixir when it’s harder for your opponent to punish you for playing them. Play them behind your king tower and build up a strong dual lane push! You have skeletons or bats to cycle at the beginning of the match, wait around 10 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first play.

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