Worst Legendary Card on Top Ladder!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have KC Royales on the channel sharing this deck that he used to reach 6th in the world! This deck has double win conditions, the giant and the miner. The matchup will alter which win condition will you rely on more and also single or double elixir will effect this too. This deck has an element of spell bait, the night witch, minions and minion horde can all be used to bait out spells like fireball, poison, arrows or zap. If you successfully bait out one of these up can use your other units to punish the opponent. Against graveyard try to take care of their tank before focusing on the graveyard, you have minions, fisherman and zap which can all be used to help counter the spawning skeletons. Try to pressure the opposite lane to the own your opponent is pushing. Against x-bow you have the giant to tank tower damage, your minions will die in one shot to Tesla so try to protect them. Try to cycle miner for chip damage and never play your giant unless your using him to tank damage for the x-bow.

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Miner can be paired with the zap spell to reset the tower damage onto the miner keeping your other units alive for longer. You can see from the replays that KC will often use this card to snipe units like, musketeer, wizard, princess or magic archer. This will help keep your other units alive and allow you to save your spells. He’s great to cycle throughout the match to help gain some small chip damage, this will be important to use against opponents with fast cycle decks where you need to keep applying pressure to force them to spend elixir defensively. When using him offensively always switch up his placement to make it harder to predict where he’s going to appear!


Fisherman is incredibly strong right now and use can use him to pull units like princess or Pekka away from your giant. You can also use him to activate your king tower against cards like, hog rider, golem, giant, goblin giant or ram rider. Once your king tower is activated he is best played in the centre so he can pull units into the range of all three towers. Fisherman can also stop charging units such as the bandit, prince or battle ram.


I would say giant is your main win condition, he’s a great tank and be be used defensively to block up lanes buying your troops more time to shut down their push. He can be played in the centre to kite units like Pekka, ghost or prince into the opposite lane. Try to build up a big push behind him, if your opponent doesn’t have a heavy spell you can play night witch in the back first then play giant as she gets closer to the bridge.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should focus on getting some good miner chip damage and making positive elixir trades. I would wait around 20 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first play, if they don’t you can play miner in the safe spot, cycle zap or play minions at the bridge. If the opponent makes a mistake then go ahead and punish the opponent, I would hold onto your minion horde until you know what big spell your opponent is playing.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin to play more aggressively and pair the giant and miner together on offence. You can also use your spells to support your pushes especially if you can get good elixir value when using your spells. Remember to try to build up a large push and space out your units to avoid giving your opponent good spell value. Check out the replays to see KC Royales playing live on Ladder!

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