New Witch + Wall Breaker Cycle Deck!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have Ruusskov back on the channel pushing #1 in the world with this newly buffed wall breaker cycle deck. For only 5 elixir you can pull off a lethal push with the miner and wall breaker combo. You should play this deck fairly aggressively, if the opponent has a beat down deck you should pressure opposite lane as soon as they place their tank. You also have the goblin cage, witch and fisherman which are all great counters to golem and any of the giants. Against air decks you will rely heavily on the witch for defence but you will also need to use the cage to kite their lava hound or balloon. The snowball is also great for dealing with minions, bats, lava pups and it can also knock back a balloon. If the opponent has graveyard you will have to use your poison defensively if they have a unit tanking tower damage. Always try to play opposite lane against a graveyard player and be carful because they usually have a lot of splash units and also a tornado for king tower activation!

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Miner is a great card to use to tank tower damage for your witch or wall breakers. He’s also important to use to help get chip damage throughout the match. Against bait decks you might need to use this guy to snipe the princess, especially in single elixir where you don’t want your opponent to have more than one princess in the arena. You can also use him defensively against units like musketeer, wizard or even executioner.


Fisherman can come in extremely useful at activating your king tower early game. It’s important to do this against hog rider, golem and giant decks. He can also be used to pull giant skeleton away from your counter push units.


Witch in my opinion definitely received a buff, her new strength makes her a solid defensive unit with huge counter push potential. If the opponent has log she can be used to bait out their log then you can punish with the wall breakers.

Goblin Cage

Goblin cage will be important on defence because it can kite units into the centre of the arena and the brawler will also help assist your towers on taking out their push. If he has enough health you can use wall breakers behind him on your counter push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Wall Breakers are great opening play if you have them in cycle, for only 2 elixir you can see what small spell your opponent is playing early on or force a heavier unit out of their hand. Try to get a king tower activation in as early as possible by using your fisherman. Remember to keep up the aggression, often the best defence is a good offence!!!

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start to use your spells to support your miner, providing you don’t need them defensively. You can also apply dual lane pressure if your opponent has a lot of splash units in their deck. Check out the video to see how today’s guest uses this deck live on top ladder!

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