#1 OP Elixir Golem Double Witch Deck!!!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today I’m bringing you guys a strong elixir golem deck that works great in challenges. (Or even ladder if you can get him levelled up) this deck has the two witches that have been recently buffed making them really strong! You can start out a push by playing a witch in the back and allowing her to spawn more units before you place your elixir golem in front of her. The two spells in this deck synergies very well together. The log will be your main counter to the newly buffed wall breakers but it’s also a good counter to bait deck and has the ability to reset charging units. The poison will be your main counter to graveyard and it’s also good against swarm units like minion horde. Don’t use the elixir golem when you’re already at an elixir disadvantaged. Also try to make positive elixir trades on defence then you can play him at the bridge in front your your counter push units.

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Elixir Golem

So this card basically has three stages, the first stage is a single unit that is a medium tank and targets building, the second stage is two elixir golemites with around half the health that still target buildings. The final stage is are the four “centiant blobs” that deal similar damage to lava pups. Once these guys die your opponent will receive one elixir per blob. This card is incredibly strong and is often underrated just how much damage the blobs can do. Use him to tank for your witches, he can be placed in the pocket once their tower is down. He can be used to kite units into the opposite lane if required too. He shouldn’t be used defensively unless it’s your last resort and you need to use three elixir to cycle to a better defensive unit.


Fisher man is a great defensive unit that can be used to help protect your elixir golem from heavy hitting units like Pekka , prince or even a Valkyrie. You can also use him to activate your king tower which will Ben important if you’re against beatdown, bridge spam or hog rider. In double elixir you can use him as a cycle card if you don’t need him for defence.


Witch is incredibly strong right now and because of this she should be you main choice when setting up for a defensive sequence, providing your opponent doesn’t have lightning. Try to protect her from their support troops and also counter push with her if you get the opportunity. Have log ready to support her in double elixir if they have units like goblin gang or skarmy in cycle.

Early Stage Gameplan

Miner is the best opening play you can make when using this deck. In single elixir you might want to play fairly passively and just take what the opponent gives you, if you get the opportunity to go aggressive then take it but if you don’t you can just play this as a miner chip deck until double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you can begin to build up bigger pushes behind your elixir golem. You might need to use the miner to snipe ranges units like princess, wizard, musketeer or magic archer. You can rely on the miner poison combo to help finish a tower too.

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