New Elixir Golem Power Combo Deck!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today I’m bringing you guys what is potential the most broken deck in the game right now! This is a miner control/miner poison deck. Traditional you would have electro wizard instead of witch and snowball instead of zap but to the most recent balance changes this deck is a lot stronger now! The wall breakers act as a secondary win condition and are great for applying pressure and forcing a response from your opponent. When setting up for a defensive sequence you can cycle units behind your weak side tower then play wall breakers at the bridge opposite lane! Inferno tower will be important on defence against balloon, hound, golem and giant. You can use your witch to help deal with their support cards. The zap spell is in this deck because of the higher use rate of sparky and also the inferno tower, always zap sparky at the last second. Zap can also be used to support your miner or wall breakers. The poison will be your main defence against swarm decks and also graveyard.

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Miner is your mini tank and also a win condition. Use him to help chip away at their tower throughout the match and remember to switch up his placement to make it harder to predict. Only pair him with the poison if the opponent has units in cycle that you can get good value from, in double elixir you can start to make prediction placements if you know what cards your opponent has in cycle. If your fisherman is out of cycle you might need to use him defensively but this is a last resort to keep your towers alive.


Witch is broken, she is so strong right now! I recommend using her defensively and counter pushing with her, try to protect her from your opponents troops, this will force a spell from them which means you can pressure with wall breakers.

Wall Breakers

Wall breakers can do more damage than a rocket if you can get them to connect to their tower. You can see from the replays that Ian will use these guys relentlessly throughout the match to keep applying that constant pressure. They synergies extremely well with the miner because he can tank damage for these guys increasing their chances of getting a tower connection.

Early Stage Gameplan

You have a few options for starting plays when using this deck, you can either play miner in the safe spot or go aggressive and place wall breakers at the bridge to see how your opponent responds. You can also cycle zap or skeletons if required as well. In single elixir don’t play too aggressively, you still need enough elixir to be able to defend, you should only pressure opposite lane in single elixir against beat down and graveyard players.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start spamming those wall breakers at the bridge, this is a fairly fast cycle deck so you might be able to out cycle their counters. Use miner for chip damage and also keep inferno tower in cycle so you’re ready to defend. Good luck with this deck check out the video to see if Ian can get 12 wins using this deck!

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