Best Cycle Deck Ever!?!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today’s we have I am JP once the channel sharing this insanely fast cycle deck that he’s using right now on top ladder! This is a miner control archetype and it also has the dart goblin which is very good in this meta! The only thing this deck lacks is good air defence however it is possible to beat those heavy air decks, because of the speed of this deck you can easily cycle two lots of bats while using your ice spirit to slow down their push. You can also use two bomb towers to activate king tower against a balloon deck. Dart goblin will be important against air too, make sure you use his range to your advantage. Against heavy beat down decks you need to keep up constant pressure to stop them building up a large push that you won’t be able to defend. You will rely on bomb tower to kite their tank and dart goblin to snipe their support troops. Against graveyard deck dart goblin is a great defensive option because you can place him behind your king tower, you also have he bomb tower and you can stop their tank at the bridge with skeletons or ice golem. One important thing with this deck is that you need to be switching lanes throughout the match, this allows you to pressure the empty lane and also forces you opponent to keep splitting their damage as well.

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Miner is a great offensive tool that can tank tower damage or either your wall breakers or dart goblin. Make sure you switch up his placement throughout the match and use him to chip away at the opponents tower. You might need to use him defensively in some situations as well! Use him to take down furnaces if the opponent is running them!

Wall Breakers

Wall breakers are lethal for the opponent if they connect to their tower. For only two elixir they can often force a bigger response from your opponent. You can pair these guys with miner or ice golem which will act as a mini tank for these guys.

Ice Golem

Ice golem can offer a lot of value for only two elixir. If can kite units away from your tower and also kite them into the opposite lane. He can also be paired with the dart goblin to take out minion hordes.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you will often have the advantage because of the cycle speed of this deck. You can start out with wall breakers to see how the opponent responds. You can also start out with miner in the safe spot too. Never waste your air defence units until you know what archetype your opponent is playing.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you should keep applying that pressure and switching lanes if required too. Never allow your opponent to play their deck how they want, you need to be forcing them to invest elixir on defence rather than offence. If you can get value from log then using offensively will also give you a positive elixir trade while also chipping away at the opponents towers. Good luck with this deck check out the video to see how a pro handles this deck!

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