This Card that has NO Counters!
Ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This is a great deck that today’s guest is currently using inside in the top 5 in the entire world. Although this deck is very defensive you should play it as a beat down deck and try to trade tower damage. By this I mean it’s ok to ignore a miner, minions, musketeer or even the OP wall breakers if it means you can invest all your elixir offensively. Because the balloon is your main win condition you should try to figure out all the opponents air counters, this allows your to go aggressive when you know they’re not in cycle or when they don’t have enough elixir to use them. If the opponent cycles a couple of air counters at the beginning of the match then it’s a good gamble to go aggressive with the balloon opposite lane.

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Bowler is the perfect counter to this meta, he deals with the witch, wall breakers and any spawner unit perfectly.


Freeze is offence the most important card in this deck, it can be used to keep a unit alive with only 1HP which can offer insane value for the balloon or inferno dragon. Never freeze in single elixir unless you get a perfect opportunity. This is spell is most effective when you can surprise your opponent with it when you know they’re low on elixir or they don’t have another counter in cycle.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon is a great counter to heavy tank units and it can also be used to take down the balloon. This card can be paired with the freeze if you know your opponent is low on elixir with no good counter in cycle.

Early Stage Gameplan

You never want to make the first move with this deck, you only have two ground units so it can be a risky play if you cycle one of these in the back. Try to use the tornado to activate your king tower if you’re against, hog rider, balloon, bait, graveyard or bridge spam.

Late Stage Gameplan

You should keep up the aggression in double elixir, try not to over defend, remember tower trading or taking some damage is useful when using this deck. Check out the video to see how today’s guest uses this deck live on Ladder.

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