3.0 Miner Cycle is Better Than EVER!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have the Miner God himself, B-rad back on the channel sharing this variation of the miner poison cycle deck. If you’re looking for a deck that you’re going to win 50% of the matchups with them this deck isn’t for you, however if you have the patience and time to learn the micro interactions of cards then you’re game play is going to improve massively when using this deck. You’re two cycle cards, the ice spirit and skeletons should be actively cycled throughout the match so you always have the cards you need in rotation. Against 2.9 xbow try to take all poison and log value you can against the xbow, pressure with the miner offensively if you have an elixir lead and if you have an elixir disadvantage use him on the xbow. You should only ever poison offensively when you can get good spell value, so you won’t poison a Pekka for example but you would poison a ewiz, minions horde, archers etc. Against the OP wall breakers and witch your log and Valkyrie will be your main defence, if their wall breaker deck has a fast cycle then try to keep one of these units in cycle at all times.

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Miner is your main win condition, use him to chip away at their tower throughout the match and slowly whittle their tower down to zero. Ensure your switch up your miner placement throughout the match to make it harder for your opponent to predict where he’s going to land.

Electro Wizard

Ewiz works well in this meta because sparky has a fairly high use rate. Use his enter the arena ability to reset the sparky and if you have enough elixir you can pair him with the Valkyrie who will tank damage for him. Use his range to reset charging unit like he battle ram, princes or ram rider.

Inferno Tower

Inferno tower will be your main defensive unit against tanks, it can also be used against balloons and other units like hog rider or bridge spam decks. Don’t cycle this card, it should only be used when you need it for a defensive purpose.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match by cycling ice spirit at the bridge or even playing a miner in the safe spot. Against heavier decks you need to play aggressively without allowing them to gain an elixir advantage. Work out what deck they’re running and don’t pair the miner poison together unless you can get good spell value!

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir keep playing that offensive miner, if you know what units your opponent has in cycle then you can start to make prediction plays. Try to get all spell value you can just like B-rad does in my video! Don’t forget to check out the video to see how the best miner player in the world handles this deck!

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