Surgical Goblins Miner Cycle Deck!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have Surgical Goblin back on the channel sharing this miner cycle deck that even has the fire spirits inside it! This deck was first played by the famous 2.6 hog player Jack in CRL. Defensively you have the OP ice wizard and tornado combo which synergies extremely well together. You also have the Valkyrie who can counter the witches and wall breakers very well making it hard for your opponent to break through your defence. Offensively you have the miner and balloon. Miner is great to use to help chip away at their tower throughout the match and also force them to spend elixir defensively. The balloon should only be used when you know their key counter is out of cycle or you can take out a counter with you zap or fire spirits. You can synergies the miner with the balloon by using him as a tank.

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As I mentioned above this guy is important to use on offence to chip away at their towers. However sometimes you might need to use him defensively if your Valkyrie is out of cycle, you can also use him to snipe long range units like magic archer, princess or dart goblin. Remember the basics when using this guy, always switch up his placement and play him in the safe spot if you use him as your first play.

Fire Spirit

Fire spirits have an extremely low use rate however they can offer a lot of value if you can try your opponents small spells. In many situations they work well at supporting your balloon offensively, if the opponent doesn’t have snowball or zap in cycle. On defence they can work well against goblin barrel, skeleton barrel and other squishy units too. You can cycle they at the beginning of the match if you don’t have another good play to make.

Ice Spirit

Ice spirit can offer a lot of value for one elixir if used effectively. It can be paired with fire spirits because it can tank damage some small damage. Use it to reset units like battle ram, prince, inferno dragon or sparky. If paired with tornado it can also counter minion hordes. It also works extremely well on defence alongside the Valkyrie. I would highly recommend always cycling the ice spirit in a position where you know you can get maximum value for your elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir I would always try to use the tornado to activate your king tower if you get the opportunity, this is still worth doing even if you have to take a hit from a mini Pekka or even a balloon. Save your own balloon until you know what deck your opponent is playing, try to punish them once their main counters are out of cycle. You can start out the match by cycling either of your spirits at the bridge or playing an offensive miner.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you still need to focus on defence, especially against those heavier decks. However applying a good offence can force your opponent to defend and leave them with no elixir to spend on offence. If your balloon doesn’t connect to their tower it’s death damage can still be key to winning a match so never give up!

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