Pekka Surprise Deck!
Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

In my video today we have Anaban back on the channel sharing this Pekka balloon freeze deck that he used to reach number 1 in the world with! This deck really doesn’t have any bad matchups, it has an answer for pretty much every archetype in the game! You also have the ice wizard plus tornado which are two of the most powerful defensive combos in the entire game. Valkyrie is incredibly strong because of the amount of witch that was around last season, feel free to swap her out for barb barrel or even baby dragon if you’re not facing a lot of witches. Freeze should be used as a surprise card, sometimes you might need to use it defensively if the opponent has managed to build up a large push. Graveyard has recently seen its use rates increase so if you find yourself against a graveyard user try to pressure opposite lane and save your Valkyrie for defence, you also have the zap and tornado which can be used to take out the spawning skeletons.

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Pekka will mainly be used as a defensive unit then you can take advantage of her high HP by counter pushing behind her. You can use her offensively if you know you have an elixir advantage or the opponents win condition is out of cycle. Always have enough elixir to support her when playing her at the bridge. She will be your main defence against those beat down decks, use Valkyrie or executioner behind her to help take down their support cards.


Balloon is your main win condition, you can use it to pressure your opponents opposite lane or use it on a counter push. Try to have the freeze spell ready to support this card if the opponent only has one or two air counters in their deck. You can see from the first replay Anaban isn’t scared to go aggressive with the balloon at the start of the match if he has freeze in cycle. This is a good way to work out what deck the opponent is playing.


Executioner has recently received a small buff so this guy will definitely be back in the November meta. This guy is incredibly strong on his own but he also makes a strong support card. He can be used with the tornado to take down large pushes.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir you can start out with a naked balloon at the bridge especially if you have freeze in cycle. It’s a good tactic because you can take the tower if you get a we’ll times freeze or if they activate using tornado you get a hit on their tower. Try to activate your own king tower by using the tornado, this should be a priority against hog rider and bait archetypes.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you can really ramp up the pressure with his deck. You should now know what deck your opponent is playing so keep your main defensive units in cycle and pressure when their win condition is out of cycle. Good luck with this deck, check out the video to see how one of the best players in the world uses this deck!

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