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Today we have Flobby who is one of the best golem players in the entire world! This deck still has your traditional golem support cards which are the baby dragon, night witch and lumberjack. The goblin cage fits in well because it can kite a lot of the spam units that are been used in this meta. Always try to have goblin cage on the field because it can stop your opponent rushing you when you start to build up a push. You had to play this deck fairly defensively because it has a fairly expensive cycle. When building a push try to play your golem when their win condition is out of cycle.

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Night Witch

Night witch is probably the best support card for the golem, however because of the amount of executioner and rocket in the Mets you need to be a bit more cautious when using her. For example don’t play her behind your towers in double elixir where your opponent will get spell value. Also with the exenado meta play her a bit further behind the golem so you have time to rocket their executioner when they play him.


Golem is your main tank inside this deck, remember this card has death damage which you can take advantage of by using your tornado to pull units into the radius of the golems death damage. Try to always have this guy tanking tower damage.


Rocket is in this deck because of the high use rates of balloon, xbow, sparky and executioner. It works well because it can take out those key cards that the opponent will rely on to win a match. It is also your heavy spell so use it to take a tower in sudden death if required.

Early Stage Gameplan

Because this is a heavy golem deck you should wait for your opponent to make the first move. The ideal card to have in your starting hand in the goblin cage. You shouldn’t really play your golem in single elixir unless you have an elixir advantage, for example if you use a medium spell on your goblin cage. Against faster cycle deck you will defend a lot more in single elixir then you can focus on building up a push in double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should play your goblin cage defensively before starting out your push. You can take some tower damage in double elixir in order to invest more elixir into your offensive push. Have tornado in cycle ready to use to help protect your support units by pairing it with the baby dragon if possible. Check out the video to see flobby playing live on top ladder!

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