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Recently I said that the pump was dead, however I have been made to eat my own words after this cards use rates have increased and it’s back inside top end ladder! The reason pump is back is because of its synergy with the sparky because it can help bait out the rocket which then allows you to pressure with the sparky. You also have fireball and poison bait with the minion horde and the elixir pump. So you can bait out their spells and punish the opponent, if they don’t take the pump bait then keep stacking them up and gaining a huge elixir advantage until you can over whelm the opponent. Aim to defend and then counter push, you can repeat this throughout the match especially in single elixir. You can also apply dual lane pressure with your bridge spam units, this makes it harder for your opponent to defend and also forces them to split their elixir.

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Sparky is a great tank killer, if your opponent doesn’t have rocket you can use this card behind your princess towers to start building up a large push. If they do have rocket try to bait it out or play sparky away from your princess towers.


Giant is your main tank and should be used at the bridge to tank damage for your counter push units. If you’re building up a push start out with your support units in the back then play giant at the bridge. This will prevent your opponent from rushing you opposite lane when you’re low on elixir. You can also use this guy to kite units like the Pekka or prince into the opposite lane and away from your princess towers.

Minion Horde

Minion horde and minions can be easily taken out with spells which can give your opponent an elixir advantage. So try to play these units wisely and only use them when you know your opponent doesn’t have a good counter in cycle. They will be your main counter to the balloon so play regular minions first then play minion horde when you’ve baited out a spell.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir you can start out with the elixir pump behind your princess towers. If the opponent has rocket you should play it in front of your king tower. You should try to protect your pump from units like miner and force out that spell which will allow you to punish your opponent. In single elixir focus on defence and apply pressure through the counter push. You can also cycle bandit in the back as a starting play if you don’t have pump in cycle.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you should know what deck your opponent is playing. Don’t waste elixir pumps unless you’re trying to bait out a spell. Remember to try to bait out their spells if possible too. A lot of people are using executioner so once they play it you can immediately apply opposite lane pressure with some bridge spam style plays. Good luck with this deck check out the video to see how Edwin uses this deck!

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