Ash posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Today we have FENOFINALFORM back on the channel with this deck that he’s used to hit #1 in the world with! This deck is spell bait with the barbarians and minion hordes. You have the sparky which is the ultimate tank killer and you also have two win conditions with hog rider and Royal Giant. The number one rule with this deck is to play very, very passively, focus on the counter attack! Because this deck is so heavy you use to realize you won’t be able to defend every single push so tower trading is often a better way to play this deck. You’re main defensive units are the barbarians which can be used to surround splash units including the sparky. They can also be split to help defend both lanes or even apply dual lane pressure in double elixir. Minion horde is another great defensive option however they can be easily countered so try to make sure their key spells are out of cycle before using these guys.

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Sparky is EVERYWHERE right now and she is a great tank killer. Use her behind your king tower if your opponent isn’t using the rocket.

Hog Rider

Hog rider is your secondary win condition and can be used to apply pressure when you know your opponent is low on elixir or you’re trying to force a card like mini Pekka or even a building from their hand. It can also be used to distract units and prevent them from locking onto your towers.

Royal Giant

The sight of the Royal Giant is sometimes enough to make your opponent rage quit. However when they don’t try to use this guy to tank damage for your counter push units while also getting some good tower chip damage. Once you have a tower down you can use this guy in the pocket which will almost guarantee you some tower damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Unfortunately we’re not playing a fast 2.6 hog cycle deck so DON’T use him straight off the bat. Wait for you opponent to make the first play then respond accordingly. Your main goal in single elixir is to survive until double elixir when you’ll be in a stronger position to counter attack and apply pressure.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start to apply pressure more often and even apply some dual lane pressure. Using sparky in the back help you build up a solid defence. Always have your spells ready to support your units, a fast reaction can be the difference between winning or losing a match!

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